Xiaomi MIUI 9 Update: Fix Wifi KRACK WPA2 Safe Bug


Xiaomi has unveiled MIUI 9, the much-anticipated new version of its MIUI custom Android ROM. MIUI 9 is based on Android 7.0 Nougat, and apart from Nougat features like split screen, it boasts of faster app launch times, a more dynamic resource allocation for a fluid experience, and other smart features and improvements.

MIUI9 Developer Edition system ushered in the update, the update to version 7.10.19, the focus fixes KRACK WPA2 security vulnerabilities and fingerprint recognition fingerprint module error problems caused by damage. In addition, it also brought the game to enhance the function, to answer automatically call hands-free and shielding game sounds and other new features.

Previously, research institutions published research reports that the protection mechanisms used to protect Wi-Fi network security have been hacked, so that they may be monitored through the access network equipment for communication. Hacked by the agreement for the WPA2 protocol.

After the vulnerability, the industry’s major technology companies have taken the appropriate measures, such as Microsoft, Apple, etc. through the introduction of system updates quickly repair the corresponding loopholes to protect the user information security.

The following is a detailed upgrade log for Xiaomi official:

Fix the problem of individual user fingerprint failure (Mi MIX 2)
Fix the problem of fingerprint recognition errors due to damage to the fingerprint module
Fix compatibility issues with some third-party software on full-screen devices (Mi MIX 2)


Optimize the effect of virtual navigation keys on light-colored wallpaper
Optimize the clock tool to support the mix of different themes of the clock gadget
Optimization makes it easier to drag an icon into a folder


Fix the image repeatedly to become green direct service
Add a global search for the “Service” category card
Add a global search direct service to add a new entry
Optimize the optimization of the global search card, search keywords highlighting and direct

Security center

Add the game to enhance the function to enhance the support to answer calls automatically hands-free and shield the game sound, the game pause synchronization and shielding low-power pop-up window and other functions Optimize the game to accelerate the allocation of network resources under the WLAN priority to the game application. MIUI 9, which packs a bunch of new features and improvements including faster app load times, new design elements, shortcuts on the lock screen, split screen feature, smart functionality and more. so update your MIUI9 and fix bugs as like this and I hope this information is very helpful for you.

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