Xiaomi MIUI 9 Will Be More Stable, Fluent, and Power Saving Said Lei Jun


Xiaomi has been launched for 7 years, and its MIUI OS has also developed to eighth generation, which has enjoyed the great popularity among many mi fans. Although MIUI 8 can be best usable Chinese ROM until now, with more functions adding, it is a little redundant in fluency. MIUI 8 updated on those low-end mi phones is not excellent in fluency and battery life, and these will be the important direction for MIUI 9 to improve.

Just now, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun claims that the goal of MIUI 9 is more stable, more fluent, and more power saving. So it seems Xiaomi has found this kind of questions after updating to MIUI 8 on some models. They will attempt to solve this kind of issues on MIUI 9.

Earlier the end of last year, MIUI 9 starts to prepare. According to practice, it should be released in August, 2017. Because MIUI 8 has been released in May, 2017, right now it is almost one year passing by, so we can’t exclude that MIUI 9 will be released with Xiaomi MI6 together. Stay tuned.


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