Xiaomi MIUI has a 120Hz Screen and MIUI Experience is Much Better than iOS


XDA senior editor @Bencsin posted on the social platform: “120Hz on MIUI>>>120Hz in iOS and One UI”, here @Bencsin used three “>”, indicating that MIUI 120Hz experience is far better than iOS.

‘I believe MIUI is much better than other operating systems in the industry, especially MIUI 12.5,’ said Manu Kumar Jain, head of Xiaomi’s Indian operations. ‘We offer the purest, easiest and smoothest experience possible. Stay tuned for MIUI 13.’

At present, MIUI 13 has been released in China, and the overseas version MIUI 13 is also coming soon. Some models such as Mi 12 series and MI MIX 4 can already experience MIUI 13.

On MIUI 13, MIUI not only continues to improve fluency, but also strengthens privacy protection, adding three new privacy protection functions: face verification protection, privacy watermarking, and fraud protection.

When the user performs face verification, MIUI 13 private shooting mode can intelligently recognize the face and block other pictures except the face at the system level, so that you can only show your face.

For places requiring id photos such as renting houses and App verification, uploading the original photos directly may cause privacy leakage risks. MIUI 13 added a new privacy watermark, now you can add a watermark to your id photos in your album, limit the use of your id and protect your privacy.

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In addition, MIUI 13 new system-level full link anti-fraud, throughout the whole link of telecom fraud, providing early warning, official identification, fraud application installation interception, transfer protection multiple guard, so that telecom fraud has no opportunity.


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