Xiaomi Move It Smart Stretch Rope Release: 3 Large Sensor, Whole Body Muscles Exercise


Most people who know the brand of Xiaomi will know that like our universe, this company is constantly expanding and does so very fast. This is reflected in the new addition of sports products which took place a week ago, in which they have added a new fitness equipment monitor-able through an app on the mobile.

Today, Xiaomi boutique electric business platform rice products have just shelved a fitness equipment – Move It smart stretch rope fitness device. This exercise can make the whole body muscles to exercise, which contains three parts, namely, intelligent handle, elastic rope and elastic rope device, and a charging line and a charging base.

This intelligent elastic rope can simultaneously detect and guide 30 different movements, suitable for strengthening the legs, back, shoulder, arm and other parts of the muscle strength, cellulite shaping, only a simple operation can be achieved to tighten the line effect.

And can adapt to the phone, support Bluetooth 4.0 mode, through the smart handle quickly paired Move It APP, you can also detect the completion of the action, and prompt the correct movement posture to correct the error.

On the phone APP, you can view your own sports data, set goals to check the weekly movement progress or custom plans, and friends to compete for interaction, and jointly promote the fitness effect.

Move It Smart Stretch Rope Fitness is designed for portable, flexible, and 5 different levels (5 to 25 lb) of elastic rope to suit different stages of exercise. In addition, this fitness built-in 500mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, charging time only takes 3 hours, the use of time about 8 hours or so, the price of 549 yuan (83.42USD).

For many office workers who are now sitting in the office, there is often a lack of time or space for sports and fitness. And this Move It intelligent stretch rope fitness is the advantage of carrying, you can usually want to exercise but lack of conditions of friends anytime, anywhere to take a rest time for fitness exercise, and can connect mobile phone APP to view their own sports The state is correct, to maintain a good sports fitness habits.

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