Xiaomi MUI 8 Confirms to Test 7 Models on June 1


According to MIUI official Weibo, Xiaomi announced to open test about MIUI 8 on June 1, so which model do you want to test most? It confirms test models include Xiaomi mi2, Xiaomi MI2S, Xiaomi Mi3, Xiaomi MI4, Xiaomi mi5, Xiaomi Mi NOTE, Xiaomi Max. So what’s your xiaomi phone? Do it support MIUI 8 Test?


We can know that Xiaomi MI4C, Xiaomi MI4S and Redmi, Redmi Note are not in the test list. But they should support downloading on June 17 to use the open version.

On May 10, MIUI 8 has been officially released which brings more features and more personalized functions which claimed it will be the best  MIUI for Xiaomi. If you want to update your smartphone with MIUI 8, you can also wait until June 17 to use the open version. As for open version, it support Xiaomi Mi2, Xiaomi MI2S, Xiaomi MI3, Xiaomi MI4,Xiaomi MI4C, Xiaomi MI4S, Xiaomi MI5, Xiaomi Max and Redmi, Redmi note, Xiaomi mi note series.  Therefore, are you ready to test your smartphone with MIUI 8?



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