Xiaomi Mute Logs Wooden Alarm Clock For $22.91 & Xiaomi Flashlight For $17.24 with Free Shipping at DD4 Store


Simple is beautiful. Xiaomi Mute Logs Wooden Alarm Clock features minimalist design as always. It adopts strong and pressure-resistant German beech, not easily deformed, simple and delicate. High-quality Sun brand movement travels accurately and sweeps silently, quiet and not disturbing. Just enjoy the good times with it, and The Xiaomi Flashlight features minimalist design as always but with powerful functions! Just looks like a cylinder, simple and clean. You can just rotate the lamp cap slightly to enjoy different levels of brightness that the innovative 11 adjustable modes bring. With SOS function, it is definitely a reliable companion when you take part in outdoor activities.

Xiaomi Mute Logs Wooden Alarm Clock

Xiaomi Mute Logs Wooden Alarm Clock is another design form the Xiaomi brand and is made of high-quality wood. They are very durable and aren’t damaged easily by being deformed or breaking down. With a unique finish that still makes them look simple and delicate, these clocks still manage to look stylish in any home or office. They can blend well with any home decorations and can provide a great contrast to any type of wall painting. Having rounded or square edges only add to their elegance just as the three-dimensional design make them unique by giving them a shadow that adds to their contrast. The variety of styles provides a variety of choices to the users by giving them plenty of options to choose from. The Xiaomi mute alarm clock is designed with metal pointers that move around in silence eliminating the ticking noise associated with some clocks. In most cases, mute watches require a connection to a mobile phone before being set to the mute mode. This doesn’t hinder them from ringing when needed to; they can still ring even when the phone is on very low volume or mute. Xiaomi products are usually affordable and easy to use making them the preferred choice for most people. This is again proven in the release of the new alarm clocks that are suitable for any room whether in the office or bedside table. The versatility of these products is also part of their great functionality features and the fact that they are easily accessible is an advantage. We can buy Xiaomi Mute Logs Wooden Alarm Clock from DD4 Store at $22.91 with Free shipping.

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Xiaomi Flashlight With Rotatable Lamp Head

The Xiaomi portable Flashlight adjusted the light intensity on 11 levels in total. The gadget is equipped with LED Lumileds Xiaomi MiJia Portable Flashlight in a compact aluminum alloy case allows you to adjust the brightness by turning the top, the maximum luminous flux is 240 lumens. The battery for 3350 mAh provides up to 216 minutes of operation. The “smart” SY6918 chip monitors the heat continuously and if the temperature rises above the danger line the device dim the brightness automatically. On the bottom of the Xiaomi Flashlight, there is an SOS mode button and two connectors: microSD for charging and full-size USB which makes it a king of power bank because it can charge your phone. The maximum output power is only 5 watts (5V / 1A) and is having a weight of only 103 grams. We can buy Xiaomi portable Flashlight With Rotatable Lamp Head from DD4 Store at $17.24 with Free shipping.


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