Xiaomi New Ceramic Smartphone Should be Xiaomi MI5C Not Xiaomi MI6


Yesterday we exposed several real photos about a new Xiaomi smartphone, some users think it will be Xiaomi MI6, according to MI series release date, it can’t be Xiaomi MI6. In terms of design, home button, it really belongs to Xiaomi smartphone, but today a netizen @upleaks on Weibo said the new phone has its model, C10, which is Xiaomi smartphone, but not Xiaomi MI6.


As you know Xiaomi MI5 has its model, Xiaomi A1/A2, and the new MI Phone exposed is C10, so it is neither the Xiaomi MI6 nor Xiaomi MI5 engineer phone. Someone said in terms of its appearance, non-Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and it looks like Xiaomi MI5, so it should be Xiaomi MI5C more, in fact, it will be an upgraded version of Xiaomi MI5. Anyway, it confirms a new option for users besides Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus.


However, we can see it use 3D ceramic back design, and right now Xiaomi MI5 ceramic version is offline in official Xiaomi store. A user has made the screenshot with Xiaomi customer service. From the screenshot, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will release by the end of November, and it also leaked Xiaomi MI Note 2 will release 3D ceramic version. But according to Xiaomi strategy, before Xiaomi MI5S released, they kept so secret about its design, so this time, if it’s the real Xiaomi MI Note 2, it will not show the real photo so quickly. Therefore, the possibility of Xiaomi MI5C will be larger. We believe Xiaomi will leak the news more later. Stay tuned.



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