Xiaomi New Concept Phone: Pole Drilling Screen, DC Dimming, 4200mAh Real


Xiaomi New Concept Phone has a certain status and influence in the market today. In other words, Xiaomi has become an indispensable part of the mobile phone market today. Xiaomi mobile phone is very popular among consumers in today’s market. Xiaomi Mi9 This is the best proof. After the release of Xiaomi Mi9, it has been loved by countless fans. Its super high-cost performance also confirms the slogan of Xiaomi’s “born for fever”. Recently, foreign media exposed a new Xiaomi concept machine. According to the parameters and renderings, the machine uses a drilling screen. The design, the Sony sensor used in the camera, the price is super high, it is really a “born for a fever.”

According to the design of the exposure, the new model of the Xiaomi New Concept Phone uses the design of the pole drilling screen. The Xiaomi New Concept Phone with the pole drilling screen is not much in the market today, but the drilling screen mobile phone is very popular. The user’s favorite, the heat is very high, the design of the machine will undoubtedly better cater to the consumer, using the cop packaging technology, retaining the width of the upper and lower borders, the screen ratio can be improved, the screen of the mobile phone is also Can get better protection, the screen size is 6.45 inch high-definition display, the screen uses Samsung’s AMOLED screen, the resolution is 1080×2340 pixels, the color value is 16MP, the screen ratio is 90.3%, the most important point Yes, because the Black Shark 2 screen used DC dimming, it has won the recognition of many consumers, and the machine has taken this advantage, using DC dimming technology.

According to the rendering, the Xiaomi New Concept Phone is designed with a front-mounted single camera on the front. The camera is mounted in the upper left corner of the screen. The camera is inlaid with a mosaic design. Very popular, the design of the machine will undoubtedly attract the attention of consumers, while the inlaid as an integrated design is very good in dustproof and waterproof effect, the mobile phone can maintain a certain degree of cleanliness, this concept machine The front is set to 16 Megapixels, the aperture is F/2.1 intelligent aperture, equipped with AI smart beauty technology, the camera’s shooting ability can better meet the self-timer self-timer.

According to the rendering of the exposure, this Xiaomi New Concept Phone is based on the rear dual camera. The rear dual camera is very popular in today’s market. It is also very good, the design of the machine is undoubtedly better to cater to consumers, and there is also an LED flash on the back of the phone. The flash can make the photos taken at night more excellent. The rear of the machine is 24MP. +12 Megapixels, the aperture is F/1.9, F/2.2 intelligent aperture, equipped with OIS optical image stabilization, PDAF phase focusing, panoramic mode, delayed shooting, handheld night scene and other technologies.

According to the parameters, this Xiaomi New Concept Phone is equipped with a light-sensing screen fingerprint technology on the unlocking. This fingerprint is very hot in today’s market and is very popular among consumers. At the same time, the fingerprint can improve the machine. The value of the face is also very fast at the speed of unlocking. In addition, the machine also supports face recognition technology, and the security index of the mobile phone can be improved. This Xiaomi New Concept Phone uses Corning’s fifth-generation gorilla glass on the fuselage material. Although it is not the best glass, it is still very good in terms of abrasion resistance and resistance. The body can be well protected. All metal is used on the frame.

According to the data, this Xiaomi New Concept Phone retains the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which can get the ultimate experience in sound. The loudspeaker is designed on the line of the upper frame, which can better guarantee the quality of the call. The dustproof level has reached IP67 level, and the overall body is very perfect in the processing and detail processing. The Xiaomi New Concept Phone is equipped with a 4200mAh non-removable battery inside the phone. In charging QC4.0 fast charging technology, in theory, 30 minutes can charge 60% of the power of the mobile phone, and the battery life is excellent. It allows us to get the ultimate endurance experience.

There are many processors in the mobile phone industry, but there are not many processors with high visibility. According to the data, the processor of this Xiaomi concept phone is very high in popularity, and it is equipped with the processing of Qualcomm Snapdragon 712. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor believes that everyone is very familiar with the processor, although the processor is not the strongest processor, the performance can definitely meet the needs of consumers, the processor uses 10nm The process is manufactured to reduce power consumption. The system is equipped with MIUI9.0 based on Android 9.0. The running memory is 6GB/8GB, and the storage memory is 128GB/256GB.

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In fact, now Xiaomi New Concept Phone has begun to take the high-end route, but the mid-end products will still be there, otherwise it will only be forgotten, because not every consumer needs a high-end mobile phone, and more, is suitable for their own products. The Xiaomi New Concept Phone is biased towards the middle end in hardware, but it is innovative in design, which is also in line with the idea of general mobile phone release. The Xiaomi New Concept Phone is an open-circuit stone, an attempt to reflect the real “for fever” And born.”

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