Xiaomi New Flagship Phone Leaked: 100MP Main Camera


Xiaomi New Flagship Phone with 100Megapixels was revealed. XDA found that Xiaomi had four 100-megapixel mobile phones last year. They were MIX Alpha, Xiaomi Note 10 Pro, Xiaomi Mi10, and Xiaomi Mi10 Pro.

In addition to the above four phones, Xiaomi has two new phones that have been exposed, one of which has a main camera of 100 Megapixels.

It is reported that XDA member Dece found the trace of Xiaomi’s new machine in MIUI 12, their codenames are “Gauguin” and “Gauguin Pro”, of which the main camera of “Gauguin” is 64 Megapixels, and the main camera of “Gauguin Pro” It is 100 Megapixels (108MP).

It is reported that “Gauguin” and “Gauguin Pro” will be on sale in China, India, and other markets. The “Gauguin” model will end in “J17” and the “Gauguin Pro” model will end in “J17Pro”. Two new models are expected Equipped with Qualcomm Soc.

XDA particularly emphasizes that these two new phones are different from the recently discovered Redmi K30 Ultra, which is equipped with MediaTek Tianji 1000+ chip, which is the first MediaTek 5G flagship mobile phone under Redmi.

Unfortunately, more details about the two new machines are temporarily unknown. From the perspective of the code name, this should be the standard version and the Pro version of a product series of Xiaomi or Redmi.

The products of the Xiaomi series that have not been updated include the CC series and the MIX series. The products that have not been updated in the Redmi series include the Note series. “Gauguin” and “Gauguin Pro” may be one of the above series.


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