Xiaomi New Product Coming at CES 2017 First Leaked by Hugo Barra


Previously, Xiaomi announced that it’s first time for them to attend Las Vegas CES, and yesterday Xiaomi International Business Vice-CEO, Hugo Barra has posted a picture on its Weibo to claim that there is only four days away from CES 2017, and hope you can guess what’s the new technology they will bring this time.

Although we can’t see any leaked information from his post, we can taste this post with the picture carefully. The attached photo has strewn at random line with two words, BLACK and WHITE, which clearly mean Black and White color, when we talk about the unknown technology, we first think of Xiaomi MI MIX that released by Xiaomi in 2016, some netizens guess the black and white teaser will be very likely to be Xiaomi MI MIX white version at CES.

Besides, Xiaomi MI MIX full screen concept smartphone has won different innovation prize by the end of 2016, after the black version of MI MIX, other netizens have shown the real photos of Xiaomi MI MIX White version, but until now Xiaomi has not released it, we are looking forward MI MIX White version coming out at this CES, stay tuned.


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