Xiaomi Ninebot C + Reveiw: a Classic Single Wheel Balance Unicycle For Just $279.99 at Gearbest


The Xiaomi Ninebot C+ is the latest model from Ninebot, it replaces the older Ninebot E, new boards, motors, and batteries. Single wheel design is original and advanced. This scooter can be connected with your mobile phone!! Connect with a mobile phone through Bluetooth, it will become a “remote control scooter”, show it to your friends. Come on and get this, it is yours.

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A truly revolutionary product of its kind. It has a futuristic appearance, both for the single wheel design and for the LEDs installed on board. The body of the wheel is thus made of a magnesium alloy and the whole apparatus does not weigh more than 13.8 kg. In addition, the wheel can reach a maximum speed of 20 km / h with a range of between 18 and 22 km.

Various color kits are available and can be easily replaced by the users to make a beautiful appearance. There is also a very stylish LED lighting available. Tens of thousands of colors can be chosen from cool to shiny. The color can be adjusted via Ninedroid App and be designed with the light effect of breathing, flashing, flowing and personalized so that each Ninebot One gets its own unique look. The frame is made of magnesium alloy and the pedals are non-slip, stable and safe. You get an elegant look, smooth design without edges. not only beautiful but also a safety for beginners. With the non-visual lift handle design, he becomes Ninebot One Lightweight and portable. The elastic polyurethane lifting handle is hidden in the vehicle and can pop out when needed.


450W powerful motor and 4.1Ah battery providing you with strong motivation for 18 – 22km mileage. Tough body with a 100kg payload. Maximum speed up to 20km / h for your perfect journey. Warning system ensures your safety when in playing. Go outdoors with this perfect balance scooter. A powerful brushless motor with Ninebot Sinus frequency conversion technology drives the vehicle of the future. An instrument dashboard, customizable lighting settings and remote firmware update make the Ninebot One the innovation of the future. With the Ninedroid app, you can set many different functions and track all the time. With the app, everything can be customized, from the light effects setting, remote firmware update to ranking. The top speed of 22 km/h brings you to your destination very quickly. The battery has either 83Wh or 240Wh and can be fully charged in 60-120 minutes with a standard charger. A 250W power adapter is available and can fully charge the battery within 30-60 minutes.

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Due to the fact that Xiaomi Ninebot C+ Classic is equipped with a new generation of Bluetooth 4.0, Android users’ phones must support Blue tooth 4.0and carry an android system of version 4.3 or above. You can buy it from Gearbest at $279.99 in Flash Sale


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