Xiaomi Oclean SE Sonic Electrical Toothbrush| Get Freshness| Design, Features Review @Gearbest (Coupon Inside)


The Electric toothbrushes have existed for many years, but the Xiaomi Oclean SE Sonic Electrical Toothbrush goes one step further with a technology of sonic vibration and monitors oral hygiene through its mobile application.It is an electric toothbrush that can be configured and monitors thanks to its application, with more than 100 cleaning plans . From a normal tooth cleaning, through gum massage, stain removal, intensive brushing, soft brushing, plaque removal, etc.


We are dealing with a supermodern product that supports up to 40K of vibrations per minute. However, this is the maximum number of vibrations, and if it causes you some discomfort, you can adjust another speed of 276K. The Xiaomi Oclean SE also supports a strong torque output of 270cm as well as a turning range of 5.5mm. the head is the most important feature of any product of this type. As for the Xiaomi Oclean SE, it uses a medical grade POM material, certified by the US FDA. UU With a 0.4 cm brush handle thickness, this toothbrush also comes with a new Dupont Tynex 2017 wire brush; It has been specially designed for electric toothbrushes. Its response rate is 1.4 times higher than the standard.


The Xiaomi Oclean SE stands out for its technical characteristics and functions, both in terms of use and control and monitoring of brushing, as well as the health of our teeth and gums.The Xiaomi brush vibrates at a frequency of 40,000 times per minute thanks to its sonic motor. The torque power drives the toothpaste hard to remove dirt and stains from the surface, and the plate from between spaces.There are 12 cleaning modes that can be combined with several cleaning levels, such as whitening, massage, different degrees of brushing. You can also customize with 72 options included in the free application for mobile.The Xiaomi Oclean SE has several sensors to measure time, pressure, brushing angles, gestures we make. By synchronizing it with the application, we can consult personalized reports to develop good brushing habits.Unlike other electric brushes, the Oclean SE has wireless fast charging, which rises from 0% to 100% in just 6 hours. Once loaded, it has a range of 60 days using it twice a day for 2 minutes per brush.The brush has the IPX7 waterproof certificate, which allows it to be washed under the tap as if it were a normal brush.


The Xiaomi Oclean SE Toothbrush is really packed with features and improvements that guarantee a clean experience never before! equipped with a high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density superfine bristles, this brush allows the app to adjust a multitude of parameters to your liking, thus offering the possibility to customize the cleaning of teeth on the basis to personal needs. The high-efficiency battery allows 60 days of use without having to worry about charging.Xiaomi Oclean SE Toothbrush is at this moment available on Gearbest just at $49.99 but you have to save more on this time we have a Coupon Code: ocleanSE$3 that you can use it you can save $3.


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