Xiaomi Officially Released Mijia Air Purifier 2S : Classic Then Upgrade And Price Of $135.44


Today Xiaomi officially announced Mijia air purifier 2S, we can think of it as an upgraded version of Xiaomi air purifier 2, known as “classic and then upgrade, good air visible.”

Compared to Xiaomi air purifier 2, the upgraded Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 2S biggest change lies in: joined the OLED display. It is understood that Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 2S Microphone air purifier Pro and Xiaomi air purifier 2 shape design, but also for the first time in Xiaomi non-Pro version of the OLED display, this screen is more accurate display of real-time PM2 .5 degrees, temperature and humidity, Wi-Fi connection and work mode, is committed to allowing users to keep abreast of indoor air quality changes.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 2S is also equipped with a high-precision laser sensor that can identify as fine as 0.3μm particle size. In terms of specifications, the CADR value of this air purifier 2S is 310m³ / h, which is consistent with the second-generation products, and the applicable area is 21 ~ 37m². According to the official test, a 21m² living room, just 10 minutes, the air can be recycled once.

To be honest, seeing the hazy positive hibernation, air purifier also usher in selling period. Obviously understand the marketing of Xiaomi also seized the consumer’s needs, introduced an upgraded version of Xiaomi air purifier 2S, people admire Xiaomi smart marketing capabilities.

Xiaomi Mijia purifier 2S with integrated 360 ° barrel filter, three purifications. Primary effect filters such as hair, dust, and other large particles to intercept suspended particles. The second layer of Toray H11-level high-efficiency filter can remove small particles as small as micron-level, but also stop the pathogenic bacteria. The third layer of high-quality activated carbon, formaldehyde and other harmful substances can be efficiently adsorbed, effectively remove the odor in the air.

Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 2S still supports Mi APP smart control, real-time view of outdoor and home air quality changes; according to the room area to adjust the most appropriate mode of operation; temperature and humidity sensing capabilities to provide more visual health tips; regular automatic boot The clean air filled the room. When the cartridge life expires, it will automatically remind the phone a key order.

Buy an air purifier in 899 yuan ($135.44), I believe for consumers is still very attractive. But then again, the reason why the air purifier intimate, then the air purification capacity, here, we do not deny the Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 2S function upgrades, but the mentoring, it can not help but suspect Xiaomi is not wrong the key?

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