Xiaomi Opened the New MIUI Widgets Internal Test Recruitment


Xiaomi has opened the new MIUI widgets internal test recruitment, new system application widgets, supporting free drag and drop, optional style, etc.

This MIUI widget internal test brings a new grid system, widget store, system application widgets, supporting widgets free drag and drop, Android system version is Android R (Android 11) or above and MIUI system version is the development version.


New grid system: add 2×2, 4×2, 4×4, 2×3, a total of four sizes of widgets, more orderly layout;

Widget shop: rich widget resources, support to add to negative screen and desktop;

System application widgets: mobile phone housekeeper, clock, health and a series of practical widgets debuted;

Widget drag-and-drop: Widgets support drag-and-drop sorting on the negative screen and across screens between the negative screen and the desktop.

Participate in requirements

The Android system version must be Android R or later, and the MIUI system version must be the development version;

Ability to provide positive feedback on usage issues.

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