Xiaomi Plans to announce Xiaomi VR and Xiaomi Drone


We have introduced Xiaomi Drone before that will be released at the end of this month. When we are looking forward to Xiaomi Drone, Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO has leaked more news about Xiaomi next coming products, Xiaomi VR, Xiaomi Curved screen smartphone, Xiaomi Miband 2 and other smart products. We can see Xiaomi is really working hard in promoting and producing more high-tech and funny products for its users. After they exposed more, we become more excited.


According to the latest news from Xiaomi, Xiaomi is planning to announce richer product line for its users. You can see different products will be coming, especially Xiaomi VR, Xiaomi Miband 2 and Xiaomi drone. Although they released these product lines, Xiaomi attached importance to Xiaomi smartphone more than others. After all, smartphones are their first and basic product line for most customers.

When you see these next coming products, which will you want to try first, Xiaomi drone, Xiaomi VR, or Xiaomi mi band 2? We just are looking forwarding to the nice quality and price about these products. After all, Xiaomi is a brand, While other brands see these kind of leaked news, they blamed Xiaomi never promise the normal stock for its users? This time, will Xiaomi prepare enough stock for its users?


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