Xiaomi Pro Mop STYTJ02YM Review – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at €299.99 From TOMTOP


With the Xiaomi Pro Mop STYTJ02YM, you can enjoy the perfect cleanliness of the apartment every day, because it not only performs dry cleaning but also lathers the floors to shine. Xiaomi Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is Xiaomi’s first robot vacuum cleaner under the Mi brand with both LDS laser and mop function.

Buy Xiaomi Pro Mop STYTJ02YM From TOMTOP


In addition to the fact that the Xiaomi Pro Mop STYTJ02YM robot vacuum cleaner comes with all the necessary parts (a tank and 2 types of water-locking rags), the tank is also able to combine a water tank and a dust collector. This ergonomic, well-thought-out design allows the device to vacuum, absorb large particles, mop the floor, and bring beauty at the same time during the cleaning process. A pump with micro-control of water supply will save you from the problem of stains and puddles, it has three modes of water supply and feels leaks, preventing them, thanks to a special water supply system.

The improved Xiaomi Pro Mop STYTJ02YM vacuum cleaner has a new laser navigation system for precise positioning. The high suction power of 2100 Pa, three modes of operation. And a smart water tank, which makes it an ideal cleaner even for wooden floors. And removes up to 180 sq. .m. premises. Get wet and dry cleaning to shine with a minimum of effort!

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The Xiaomi Pro Mop STYTJ02YM robot vacuum cleaner has a new generation of laser navigation for accurate route planning. It has 12 groups of highly sensitive sensors, a smart water tank that controls its flow to avoid puddles and stains. And three modes protect the floor and cope with your loved one’s pollution. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro robot vacuum cleaner remembers your rooms after cleaning. In the application you can make your own adjustments for the convenient use of the device. The robot walks through all available areas. In the application, you can build virtual borders. And restricted areas for which the device will not be allowed to call in. Select only sweeping or sweeping with rubbing for individual rooms, etc.

Approximation and new complex algorithms of the LDS navigation system allow the vacuum cleaner to “see” everything that is happening around, scanning the environment with a laser through the camera. This approach allows you to quickly adapt to unexpected situations and better identify the space. The Cortex A7 processor with 4 cores and the dual-core Mali400 graphic chip. With SLAM algorithms are powerful components of the filling of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro robot vacuum cleaner.

The Pro Mop STYTJ02YM robot vacuum cleaner itself knows when it needs to be recharged, goes to the docking station, charges. And continues the route from the place it ended after recharging. Obstacles up to 2 cm to him for nothing, the device easily overcomes them. 110 minutes of battery life allows you to remove up to 180 sq.m. premises. The anti-collision sensor will keep your furniture. And the anti-fall sensor will allow the robot to safely clean near stairs and other elevations.


The S-shaped cleaning route follows the movement of a person so as not to leave any gaps on the floor. The Xiaomi Pro Mop STYTJ02YM robot vacuum cleaner does not waste time and charge on a chaotic cleaning, like most modern devices, and every part of your house will be cleaned. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €299.99 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.

Buy Xiaomi Pro Mop STYTJ02YM From TOMTOP


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