Xiaomi Product Director Wang Teng Said: is There a 5G Version of Xiaomi Mi9?


On February 25th, there is Teng, product director of Xiaomi Company, “There is no 5G version of Xiaomi MIi9”, Wang Teng confirmed that Xiaomi Mi9 will not launch 5G version.

Sun Changxu, a partner of Xiaomi Industry Investment Department, said that the biggest challenge of 5G will come from the attitude of operators. From the China Mobile Conference in December last year, operators have not yet thought about the profit model of the 5G era, and the huge traffic profit model in the 3G era has ended. It is now a monthly subscription.

They said that there were a lot of users with ARPU value of one or two thousand yuan, and users who can now get more than 200 yuan are high-end users. How to recover a huge investment?

Moreover, the coverage of the 5G base station in the high-frequency band is small, and the number of base stations is required. The higher the rate requires the construction of a more expensive optical transmission network, and the re-selection of the site in the new frequency band is also a huge challenge. Although China Mobile has obtained the 2.6Ghz frequency band, it can partially utilize the existing base station site, but Telecom and China Unicom will re-select the site in the new 3.5Ghz band. Compared with the currently mature 3.5Ghz technology, China Mobile’s 2.6Ghz technology is not very mature, so the three major operators are facing huge challenges.

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And now the so-called 5G IOT that everyone is keen on, the business model is not clear for operators. The return on investment is unclear. Therefore, operators are keen to invest in PE/VC for 5G-related companies and feel that this may be a business model with a different approach. So now the 5G market, it feels like the mobile terminal is pushing, the shaving head is hot because the mobile phone company needs to find a selling point. The 3G era is more active for operators.

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