Xiaomi QIN 2 Pro Review – Ultra-Budget Android 9.0 Smartphone For Just $139.99 at Banggood


Last year, Xiaomi launched an upgraded version – Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro, which features a compact design and upgraded features. Yes, Xiaomi QIN 2 Pro is an ultra-budget model that you can buy at a very low price. At the same time, its appearance leaves somewhat mixed feelings. For example, the aspect ratio of an almost frameless display is 22.5: 9, which makes the case somewhat elongated. But ergonomics are on par, and the device can be controlled with one hand.

Buy Xiaomi Qin 2 Smartphone From Banggood

QIN 2 Pro Design

Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro smartphone comes with an 8.6mm thin fuselage, 22.5: 9 ratio, with a narrow waistline and round R angle, the screen size is just 5.05 inches, which offers a comfortable grip. The phone offers 2 color options: black and white. The new Xiaomi QIN 2 presented in our online store will delight users with high-quality images thanks to a resolution of 1440×576 pixels and a display density of 307 ppi. With a 5.5-inch diagonal, you can perform tasks comfortably. Stock brightness and viewing angles at a high level. It really is worth buying.


Compared with the previous generation of Xiaomi Qin AI assistant, the new generation of Xiaomi Qin 2 phone uses the Android 9.0 system, which is equipped with the SoC built-in 8-core ARM Cortex-A55, which has a 20% improvement in performance over ARM Cortex-A53, and a six-fold increase in AI processing power. Improve the intelligent experience of mobile terminals in an all-round way. The Xiaomi Qin 2 offers 2GB running memory and 32GB storage capacity, allowing up to 12 APP free download, 2100mAh capacity battery, long life, better experience.

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QIN 2 Pro Features

The Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro comes with built-in Xiao Ai, support voice wake-up. You can make phone calls, check the weather, set the alarm clock, listen to songs, and so on. You can also control the access to the intelligent devices of the Mi family, and easily enjoy intelligent life. Moreover, the Xiaomi Qin 2 offers useful infrared remote control function, easy control of air conditioning, television, set-top box, and other daily appliances, and has 12 categories of more than 100 brands of an infrared digital library, suitable for a variety of infrared equipment.

The Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro is proficient in 62 languages, 36 phonetic translations, 10 photo translators, whether traveling abroad, shopping, or business negotiations, can easily communicate. At the same time, with a full version of WeChat APP, we can not only send voice, text, pictures but also a taxi, payment, red envelopes and so on. Whether you go shopping at large supermarkets or buy vegetables at street stalls, you can pay via WeChat or Alipay, making life more convenient.


The new Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro smartphone integrates the stunning design and excellent performance. We can buy it from Banggood at $139.99 in Flash Sale and only 13 pcs limited for the first batch

Buy Xiaomi Qin 2 Smartphone From Banggood


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