Xiaomi Radical Gel Pen Review: Set of 12 Gel Pens of Different Colors For Just $7.99 at Geekbuying (Coupon Inside)


The Xiaomi Radical Gel Pen with fresh candy color are great supplies for students. No repeated colors give you fresh surprise and multiple tastes. You can use it to paint or mark. It is cheap and practical too as the replacement of the pen.

Design & Features

The Xiaomi Radical Gel Pen will remind you of the Xiaomi Mijia Metal Pen, having a very similar appearance, The exterior of each Xiaomi Radical Gel Pen is made of ABS material, a type of ecological and lightweight plastic but of great quality and durability.

Also, the feel to the touch is quite smooth thanks to the coating paint and at the same time, the grip will be very precise so that it is difficult to slip from the hands. The overall appearance is very simple and minimalist, typical of Xiaomi designs. They feature an oval clip that completely recalls the start button of the Xiaomi terminals, and their bodies are perfectly cylindrical with edges and rounded corners.

Each of these colorful pens has ink for 400 meters of writing, and your body accepts standard replacements of a neutral charge of 5mm, maximum 6mm. That is, they can accompany you for a long time to give style to your notes and notes.

They are very suitable for writing and studying without problems, giving the possibility of using multiple tones to review, make your schedule or schedule. A variety of colors can help effectively mark the various categories of important issues to improve work efficiency. However, even if it does not look like it, they are also perfect for drawing.

Using an imported gel ink will allow writing to be easier and smoother, without the need for any effort; effectively reducing fatigue during writing. The ink dries quickly, so you do not need to worry about messing up your letter or working accidentally.

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These colorful Xiaomi Radical Gel Pen are very fun to use. They can be used, for example, in coloring books for children, diaries, to make various drawings, to doodle, on school projects, to decorate home-made invitations or greeting cards and much more. Right now we can buy it from Geekbuying at $7.99 after coupon code: STPGDFEP


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