Xiaomi Redmi 3X Smartphone Starts to Sell at $150 Today


Xiaomi has released a customized smartphone with China Unicom, Xiaomi Redmi 3X with 4,100mAh battery,  at $150 on June 15, but they don’t start to sell it. Right now we have got the latest news that Xiaomi has started to sell this Xiaomi Redmi 3X smartphone in China.


Xiaomi Redmi 3X as Chinese first smartphone for Xiaomi and Chinese Unicom, has the similar design to Xiaomi MI4C with the metal body and fingerprint scanner, and it also has the similarity in specs to Redmi 3S. So you will face a hard choice in Xiaomi Redmi 3x and Redmi 3S. As for Xiaomi Redmi 3X configuration, it comes with 5inch 720p screen resolution, powered by Snapdragon 430 Octa core processor, RAM 2GB ROM 32GB internal storage, and it provides with 5MP back camera and 13MP front camera, supporting Dual SIM card, dual standby, and back fingerprint scanner, and it sells the same price $150 as Redmi 3S.


Xiaomi Redmi 3X is well-known about its large 4100mAh battery, because Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO has shown off its battery life. It can be used in one day with 68% off power. So we can see we don’t have to buy the extra power bank. If you have no idea about its network frequency whether it’s compatible with your phone in your country, you can read this guidance to check if your phone works.


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