Xiaomi Redmi 4X Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery Review


Last month, Xiaomi has not only released Xiaomi MI5C, but also a very affordable smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi 4X at 699 yuan, $100, although so, Redmi 4X still is very attractive for long time battery life, metal body and Octa core processor. So how is Redmi 4X on earth? Today we will make the review about Redmi 4X to let you know if it’s worthwhile to buy.



In order to meet needs of different consumers, Redmi 4X has pink, golden, and black three colors. Today we will review this Redmi 4X black version. The smartphone looks more attractive for men. It’s a pity that Redmi 4X doesn’t have grey and silver version right now.

Redmi 4X has sleek and simple design, coming with a 2.5D curved glass, which has nice and comfortable touch feeling. Meanwhile, Redmi 4X back edge adopts curved design, which is good to hold in one hand because of 5 inch screen.

Besides 2.5D curved glass, Redmi 4X uses metal body and add ‘T’ design on the back, it adopts CNC processing, obviously bright metal frame.

Meanwhile, Redmi 4X adds fingerprint scanner on the back, which is very responsive to unlock the screen, which is quite excellent.

In screen, Redmi 4X has a 5 inch HD screen with 720×1280 resolution, 450 nit brightness, in terms of screen effect, the color is bright, vivid, but the brightness is a little dark.

According to comparison, under automatic smartphone brightness, the brightness of Redmi 4X is a little darker than other smartphones. As for touch operation, Redmi 4X has fast and responsive speed.


Battery life can be one of the biggest highlights of Redmi 4X, because Redmi 4X has 4,100mAh battery. In fact, it can support up to 18 days standby, after charging it full, it can be used 21 hours 19 minutes, Redmi 4X still has 45% power left, so it can support up to 2 days for normal use.

We use Redmi 4X to play the game ‘King of Glory’, it consumes 6%, which has slow power-consuming speed, in charging, Redmi 4X comes with 5V/2A charger, according to test, the smartphone power has been used up, it takes 10 minutes to charge 8% power, in 30 minutes, charge 20%, in one hour, charge 41%, and in 170 minutes, it can be charged full. According to data, the charging speed of Redmi 4X is a little slow, just remind charging full before going out in advance.


Redmi 4X is powered by Snapdragon 435 Octa core processor, it will have RAM 2GB ROM 16GB and RAM 3GB ROM 32GB internal storage, according to Antutu test, it has got 43,165 points, compared with Xiaomi MI5S, it has its own advantage.

When we test it to play games like King of Glory, it doesn’t occur the stuck state. How can ask higher needs for such a cheap smartphone?


Outdoor samples

Outdoor samples

In camera, Redmi 4X is equipped with 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera, as for specs, it has no big difference from other similar smartphones. As for photographing effect, how is it? Let’s check the photo samples.

Micro distance sample

Micro distance sample

In terms of distant object and close object outdoor, Redmi 4X has no obvious advantages and disadvantages. But in micro distance sample, the effect of Redmi 4X image is out of expectation with clear background blurring effect.

Indoor sample

Night outdoor sample

Under indoor and night outdoor environment, the image of Redmi 4X is not so bad, but surprise in clear details, no obvious noise. In experience of taking photos, it adds PDAF, fast image speed which is also an advantage, after all, it sells so cheap.

Other Features

Besides hardware, Redmi 4X software can’t be neglected, it runs MIUI 8 OS based Android 6.0 OS, it can also support infrared remote control function. Because Xiaomi mi5S can’t support it.


According to several days experience, the comfortable holding feel, ultra-long battery life, fingerprint scanner and MIUI 8 OS are all the advantages of Redmi 4X, meanwhile, it has nice image effect when taking micro distance objects. Of course, the biggest advantage of Redmi 4X is the price below $200. So do you feel amazing about this smartphone?

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