Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Real Mobile Spy Photos: Screen Share Is Too High, Better Than Mi MIX 2?


To this year, Redmi to fight the object into a Mi MIX2 outside, all domestic full-screen flagship aircraft, including Vivo X20, Mai Mang 6, Gionee M7 and so on. People will be surprised to find that the so-called “full screen”, in fact, Redmi 5 Plus with the paragraph ah.

The plum of information about the new Xiaomi smartphones has become commonplace and it’s hardly surprising for anyone that we learn all about the latest news before the presentation. It’s good or bad, everyone will decide for himself, and we have another result of the work of insiders – “live” images of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. If you remember, earlier we were only shown something resembling a retail box for a device, and today we get acquainted with what will be hidden inside.

We can see photos taken on the camera Xiaomi Mi6, which captured a metal smartphone with a dual camera and a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. But much more attention is attracted to the “front end” of the device, which received an extended up and down display with minimal indentations at the ends. Thin frames on the sides of the screen are offered, and we must admit that in this performance the smartphone looks very good. If the pictures are true and Xiaomi really succeeds in realizing something like this, it’s only for the sake of design that the smartphone will be bought.

With regard to the characteristics of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, the latest rumors indicate the presence of Snapdragon 450, 3/4 GB of RAM and 32/64 GB of permanent and 4000 mAh battery. But the price tag can disappoint many – around $ 300. They also say that in the Redmi 5 series there will be a smartphone with an index X based on Snapdragon 660.


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