Xiaomi Redmi 5A Design, Hardware, OS, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Xiaomi has finally unveiled the Redmi 5A at a launch event in China on 16 October. The phone is a successor to Redmi 4A that was launched earlier this year.Xiaomi has priced the Redmi 5A at a price of 122.99 dollars. However, the phone packs similar features and design when compared to the Redmi.a beautiful metal case with very neat finishes.

Xiaomi has also chosen to decline his phone in several colors to please the greatest number and it will be possible to take it in gray, gold or pink. Xiaomi has unveiled one of their cheapest smartphones yet, the Redmi 5A. The phone was announced a couple of months ago with 2 more pricey variants. This time around the company has started taking pre-orders for the phone.


Concerning the design and appearance, the phone appears to be a classic from the old Redmi series. The chassis is plastic which is somewhat cheap but it’s fine as the Redmi ‘A’ family is the best budget-friendly series featuring the lowest price. The phone inherits the tradition three touch-based LED buttons, rare speakers, and thickness. However, Redmi 5A weighs only 137 grams.

Symmetrical design, Compact body

For those who are accustomed to the high-priced mobile phone, the face of this problem may be a loss. That being the case, may wish to look at 122.99$ Redmi 5A. Overall, the Redmi 5A body compact, simple design, similar to the reduced version of the Redmi Note 5A. Of course, the name of the two phones is labeled as “5A”.

Different from the Redmi Note 5A, Redmi 5A is a small size screen phone. It is equipped with a 5-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) screen, support eye protection mode and color temperature adjustment. Cheap features a lot. On the actual experience, 5-inch small-screen mobile phone holding the kind of comfortable experience, really long absence.

Redmi 5A positive use of symmetrical design, “white” type of shape is also more gratifying, the bottom three Andrews touch buttons, orderly placed, showing a beauty, not ugly. However, the back of the Redmi 5A is added more elements, less than the front is so simple.

It’s back three-stage design, the back shell surface is used metal paint spray process, with a certain texture. Of course, compared to the kind of metal texture of Mi 5X or a gap. In addition, the rice 5X is also the edge of the edge of the design to ensure that the phone’s comfortable grip, coupled with its own is a portable small size mobile phone, holding the feeling superior.

It does not support fingerprint recognition. For the habit of fingerprints to unlock, fingerprint payment of mobile phone users, the Redmi 5A function of the missing, will naturally cause the inconvenience of daily experience. Of course, for non-deep fingerprint identification users, there is no such problem.

Redmi 5A body thickness of 8.35 mm, the weight was 137 grams, more lightweight. In fact, this phone built a mainstream capacity of the battery, 3000mAh, with the Redmi Note 5A quite. Compared to the previous Redmi 3, Redmi 4, the Redmi 5A battery capacity configuration is still retained. As for the reason, it may be the result of cost control. Its battery can be used for how long?

Measured to confirm that the Redmi 5A fully charged, the normal use dual card, chatting microblogging, playing games, taking pictures, etc., 24 hours later, Redmi 5A power is not completely exhausted, still the remaining 16%. In other words, for mild mobile phone users, Redmi 5A can be used for one-day Charging.

Redmi 5A support 5V and 1A charge. Fast charge 3.0 and so do not want to, after all, as long as 122.99$ Test data show that Redmi 5A with the original charger to charge on boot charging, charging 30 minutes, power from 0 to 19%; 3 hours 20 minutes or so, to fully charged, charging speed is very slow. Carry out the phone to go out, to be fully charged in advance.

Redmi 5A equipped with high-pass snapdragon 425 quad-core, consistent with the previous Redmi 4A, did not upgrade. At the same time, it is equipped with 2GB storage and 16GB body storage. After the first boot, Redmi 5A body of the available space in the 8GB or so, but it supports memory card expansion and maximum support 128GB storage.

Redmi 5A run points 36,637 On the rabbit, rabbit evaluation, are nowadays entry level, and even less than many high-end models run points. However, we can not forget its price, the same is not Apple’s iPhone 8 or Samsung Note 8 price of a fraction.

In a few days of trial experience, Redmi 5A and did not appear “card to death” situation, “Wang glory” can play. Encountered no pit teammates, the same can successfully tear down each other’s crystal, to win.

In fact, these days with Redmi 5A playing qualifying also rose a few stars. It should be noted that, due to the reasons for mobile phone hardware, Redmi 5A run “King glory”, the “picture quality” default to “low”, “HD display” is off.

Redmi 5 cameras Samples

As you see the Xiaomi Redmi 5A sample photos are good. However, the quality they provide is quite acceptable if taking into account we are dealing with a low-end and cheap device. It is equipped with the 5MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera, the parameters compared to similar products is no disadvantage. In fact, it supports dark light enhancement, high dynamic range adjustment technology, and face recognition functions. In other words, the current mainstream millet phone camera has a basic bright spot, Redmi 5A are also available.

As for the Redmi 5A camera effect, from our real proofs can be seen in the case of outdoor light sufficient, Redmi 5A can be more clearly record the life of the scene, and occasionally show the background blur effect. In the personal view, for an 122.99$ smartphone, this camera performance is enough.

At present, the Redmi 5A pre-installed MIUI 8.5 stable version, MIUI 8 many human features are available, such as minimalist mode, giant font, etc., to further ensure its old man potential. In particular, to emphasize that Xiaomi official said. Redmi 5A follow-up can be upgraded to MIUI 9, this is undoubtedly a gospel.

Many Xiaomi phones is a dual card dual standby all Netcom mobile phone, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom users are applicable, the basic functions. In fact, Xiaomi also joined the infrared, to further expand the application of mobile phones, such as turned into a remote control and the like, practical aspects have also been enhanced.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A is quite amazing in terms of design, its hardware is quite powerful.This device has been made to make furor in the low-end niche. It did. Thanks to a traditional Redmi appearance and good specs list the Xiaomi Redmi 5A could win customers hearts. But what’s more important, the Redmi 5A is priced as low as possible. Agree 122.99$ is an unbelievable price for a good smartphone. We have already managed to review some models. But none of them can be compared to this handset. I guess this is the phone that will sell in millions and it’s priced the phone price that determines the mobile phone market position. Here Use the coupon (Code: REDMI5A) to get it for SP: $109.99.

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