Xiaomi Redmi K60/Pro Series Fast Charging Specification Exposed


Considering that Redmi K50 Universe series launched by Redmi at the beginning of the year has received widespread praise from many consumers, many users have been looking forward to the appearance of the new generation of Redmi K series models — Redmi K60 series. If nothing else, the series will still offer multiple models, covering all gears from entry to premium, as leaks have already begun to trickle out. And now the latest news, recently a digital blogger has further shared more details about the device’s configuration.

According to the latest parameter information of a new Snapdragon 8 + released by the digital blogger @digital chat station, it will provide two fast charging versions, respectively 67W wired + 30W wireless and the upgraded 120W wired + 30W wireless, combined with the previous relevant revelations, this is likely to be the much-heralded Redmi K60 series model, and it’s worth noting that this is supposed to be the first model in the Redmi family to support wireless charging. It’s only 30W, but it’s pretty much what users need.

In other news, according to the previously disclosed news, the new Redmi K60 series will continue to launch multiple models, among which the highest will be the hole 2K straight screen, after all, the previous Redmi K50 series has been “comprehensively promote the popularity of 2K screen as the slogan”. The processor will include Snapdragon 8 + and the highest-end Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagship processor at that time. At the same time, it will be equipped with a large background camera of up to 50 million pixels, and support 120W super fast charge, which is basically the same as the core configuration of Mi 13 Pro, and its cost performance can be seen.

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It is reported that the all-new Redmi K60 series is expected to meet with you in Q1 next year, no accident, this machine will be 2023 “flagship door welder”. We’ll wait and see for more details.


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