Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4GB+64GB Global Version Super Deal at $185.99 (Coupon Inside)


When we are pursuing the latest smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi note 5, we have to think over, because you have to wait for long time to get one at high price, so it is not your best price and best time to grab one, why not turn to Xiaomi redmi note 4? Currently, it is still the bestseller around the world, by the way, Xiaomi redmi note 4 has global version but available for EU warehouse now, because the stock is also in shortage, so what are you waiting for? Before you purchase, we need to look back about its advantages and enjoy coupon first.

Although Redmi note 4 is not bezelless smartphone with dual rear camera, in terms of its usability, it is easier to use, it can still compete with current latest phones now, first, 5.5 inch FHD screen offers good quality to watch videos, play games or other operation by one hand, it is not too large or too small, which is fit in our hands. And not all smartphones are FHD 1080p resolution. Therefore, Redmi note 4 in terms of design will be still popular and usable.

For some users, hardware is important, Redmi note 4 uses Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor, it can be popular at least two years, because right now more and more phones use this processor which is in large stock now. You never worry about your phone out of date. Meanwhile, it has RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, please don’t forget many phones on the market only has less than 4GB RAM, your phone, Redmi note 4 will not let you down in its hardware.

Of course, camera has become important factor, especially for young users to take photos and videos to record their interesting life. Redmi note 4 comes with 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera, although it can not compare with mi mix 2, at least we think it is good enough for us to use, cost decides everything. It is still clear to take photos. Believe it or not, try first.

This Redmi note 4 right now can support many global 4G network frequency, you can enjoy global version to use when you go out for travel, freely enjoy 4G LTE network. Most shops sell it very expensive, but ibuygou.com as Xiaomi best retailer offers you coupon code: RDCC0344 at $185.99, shipped from EU warehouse, for free tax. Why not get it faster to wait for the other not in stock?


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