Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Chinese Version) Full Review: A Wonderful Mid-Range Beast With AI Camera


Xiaomi launched the smartphone Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera in China at last week. Indeed, Redmi Note 5 version of this update is a Redmi Note 5 Pro which was released in India last February, but with some enhancements feature. Then what’s the difference with Redmi Note 5 Pro which released in India? One striking difference is on the camera side.Redmi Note 5 version of China has a lens aperture ( wider). Where Redmi Note 5 has an f / 1.9 aperture for its main camera that is the 12MP resolution.

While the previous model release in India has only f / 2.2 openings, which means 1.4 micrometers wider than the model in India. The Redmi Note 5 version of China also has dual PDAF pixel technology to lock focus faster. For the secondary camera, still identical with Redmi Note 5 5MP resolution.

Another difference is in decreasing the resolution of the selfie camera sensor . From 20MP to 13MP, which has been supported by artificial intelligence technology aka AI (artificial intelligence). This AI helps support the effects of bokeh , beauty mode and also face unlock. There are multiple opinions that it is a smartphone that looks and feels premium, is it true? Let’s proceed with the review to check it.

Design details

The Redmi Note 5 marks Xiaomi’s foray into the 18: 9 format in the budget segment. On the front, we get a large screen with significantly reduced bevels , these obviously do not reach the level of Mi Mix 2, but allow a wider view, especially when compared to its predecessor. In the upper part of the panel we have the receiver speaker, the proximity sensor, the notification LED and the front camera. However, in the lower area, there is nothing to highlight, not even the capacitive buttons.

If we move to the back, we notice that it is a little curved, which results in the phone being easier to grasp; but at the same time it feels a bit heavy and takes a while to get used to. Also, the fingerprint sensor rests in a place reminiscent of the Redmi Note 4.

Honestly, what is striking is the rear panel rear camera settings, there is no other way to say it: the module fully resembles the iPhone X. Those who do not like the bulge of the camera will be difficult to get used to it, plus it puts you at risk of scratches if you let your mobile phone rest on your back. The only solution is to use a protective cover thick enough to level the phone.

On the upper edge, we are presented with an IR sensor plus a secondary microphone with noise cancellation. In its counterpart, we find the speaker, the main microphone, the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the micro USB port. The latter has been booed by users, it was believed that at this point Xiaomi would offer, at least, a USB port type C.

Finally, on the sides we have: the volume buttons and the power button on the right, which are metallic and very sensitive; while on the left is the hybrid SIM slot, in which you can choose to use two SIM or one single + a memory card.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: Screen

The IPS display LCD panel has 5.99 inches and is one of the best in this segment. Xiaomi has the habit of offering vibrant screens in this category, and she has achieved it again. The screen offers a Full HD + resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels and a display density of 403pp.

In addition, the 18: 9 aspect ratio makes it more comfortable to hold than its predecessors and also gives it an appearance similar to current flagships. While the rounded corners of the screen add much more attractive to the design. It also comes with a 2.5D cover and Corning Gorilla Glass (not specified) for additional protection.

Display Quality

The screen produces bright images with a good dynamic range and wide contrasts. The colors you will see when you turn it on for the first time are excellent, and you can adjust them according to your preferences by entering the settings.

It also comes with a blue light filter that can be set to activate automatically from dusk to dawn. If you are someone who uses the phone a lot during the night, you should activate the function since it gives warmth to the brightness of the screen and reduces the tension in the eyes.

The unlocking speed is too fast

In addition to fingerprints, Redmi Note 5 supports face recognition unlocking. As the 2nd product of the Xiaomi family equipped with this feature, its performance is quite promising. After all, Co-Founder and President of Xiaomi Lin Bin said at the conference that the new upgraded AI face unlock is better than the Mi Note 3.

After the actual measurement, it takes only 1 second to complete the face data entry… This is even too late for me to adjust my expression.Red rice Note 5 started to evaluate: thousands of people who place me

While unlocking, apparently speed is not as fast as when entering face data, but it is still a good performance. For our daily use, the moment the screen is lighted has basically completed the unlocking process, and it is still very intimate for my spectacles party. However, for security, I personally recommend that the face is unlocked or be used as a function to facilitate the use of a mobile phone, supplemented by fingerprints.

The most difficult thing to solve for the full screen is the matching gestures, and Xiaomi explained through Redmi Note 5 what is the best solution for us. The Redmi Note 5 that I got was preloaded with MIUI, and the biggest highlight was the full-screen gesture. If you boot and you hurry to skip, then this feature can be turned on by setting a full-screen category.

For the iPhone X, we often need to click the return in the upper left corner in the deep menu to return to the previous menu. Although we also slide it from the left side of the screen to achieve this operation, it is not feasible in many applications. The full-screen gesture of the Redmi Note 5 only needs to slide inward at any position on the left and right sides of the screen, which is very convenient. The same goes for the slide back to the desktop and hovering for multitasking. The fluent effect is even a bit overwhelming.

BTW, does not matter to the friend that does not accept, Xiaomi does not offer a kind of way just like apple, it is OK to switch back to the Android 3 big gold key buttons at any time.

At the press conference, Lin Bin used a large section of space to explain the photographing capabilities of Redmi Note 5. Because of this, my personal interest in this product is this part.

Rear dual lens, the main camera uses a flagship sensor, pixel size up to 1.4μm, support Dual PD dual-pixel focus function, and then with the f/1.9 large aperture and EIS video stabilization function, so that dark light shooting more clearly. The secondary camera is used to record depth of field information, supplemented by blur effects. The front camera, 13MP with soft light self-timer lamp, under the blessing of AI beauty can simply fool the 315 party.

From the perspective of the samples, the 2 lenses cooperate with the deep learning technology based on AI algorithm, which makes the background blurring the main body edge more accurate and more realistic. In terms of details of the characters, although the background of the hair or the edges of the clothing is quite accurate in the complex background, the transition is natural.

With portrait mode

Without portrait mode

Of course, after the AI beauty function was turned on, the young lady who took the picture said that she almost won her heart. This feature of Redmi Note 5 has different beautification strategies for different areas of the face.

As a model with a starting price just 1099, the hardware configuration and comprehensive performance of Redmi Note 5 are quite strong and competitive in the same price model. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, this chip uses 14nm technology, 8kyro 260 cores, CPU clock speed up to 1.8GHz, compared to Snapdragon 630, the overall performance of Snapdragon636 increased up to 40%. 

We were using the 4GB+64GB variant of Redmi Note 5 in this review, after the Antutu benchmark test, it obtained 116216 points. In fact, this chip seems to me more like a down-clocked version of the Snapdragon 660. For a mobile phone that sells for only a thousand yuan, it is definitely a point of explosion. I believe that teenagers who are obsessed with game playing can safely play with the Redmi Note 5, and the 4000mAh large-capacity battery is also a solid shield.

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The Redmi Note 5 is Xiaomi’s strongest terminal in the budget segment in the last two years and places the brand in an excellent position as we approach the new release cycle for 2018. The 18: 9 screen it’s a much-needed change to stay competitive, and the Snapdragon 636 ensures class-leading performance for the foreseeable future. Therefore we believe that Xiaomi did a brilliant job in terms of specifications, giving it a first-class performance. No matter what you do, the smartphone handles everything like a champion. It is powerful, has an updated design and excellent AI camera capabilities. Leaving aside the micro USB port and the bump in the rear camera, the device is almost perfect.


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