Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Vs Smartisan Nut 3 Camera Review


In the Previous Comparison, we compared the appearance and performance of the latest Smartisan Nut 3 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. according to the previous Comparison, Smartisan Nut 3 was terribly particular in appearance design with double-sided glass material and Type-C interface. Here we have left the buying link Redmi Note 5 (3GB Version)Redmi Note 5 (4GB Version), Smartisan Nut 3.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 contains a better Snapdragon 660 processor and outperforms against the Smartisan Nut 3 in the term of performance. Today we brought a Camera comparison of this 2 Smartphones and there we will see the difference between the photography capabilities from the samples of various scenes.

Smartisan Nut 3 features a dual 13MP black and white + color dual camera: it is the current program are used on the flagship, in the normal photo it can also effectively enhance the brightness and detail of the image quality. With a full set of rainbow soft algorithms to achieve background blur, night scene algorithm, beauty, and single / multi-frame noise reduction function can make the picture texture even better.

The dual camera of the Smartisan Nut 3 is presently the mainstream of the mid-range smartphone adopts a “dual camera” the resolution is the main camera + depth field camera, the main camera with little depth field camera, when the normal camera, the depth field camera isn’t any In effect, only when the background blur is required.

The depth camera functions as a ranging function, and then the background processing photo blurs the part other than the focused subject, simulating the photo effect of a large aperture. Some flagship products use a wide-angle + telephoto dual-camera solution, that doesn’t improve the image quality when photographed normally, but only works when zoom, supplement the details of the screen lost because of digital zoom.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, called the “Mid-Range Photography expert,” compared to the Redmi 5 plus, that was released in 2017. The rear camera’s promotion is especially reflected in the single pixel size of the 12MP main camera. 1.25μm rises to 1.4μm, in theory, can bring better resolution, low-light image quality, and joined the camera with a 5MP depth camera to make a dual camera system to achieve a more natural portrait blur effect. The front camera is upgraded from the 5MP on the Redmi 5 plus to the more powerful 13MP and retains the soft lights that the self-timer just required.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 has upgraded the shooting algorithm, and it has a new background blur effect based on AI algorithm and a Pre-HDR algorithm that can achieve a clear self-timer. in addition, RedMi Note 5’s AI smart beauty technology can be different for various face types of smart beautification strategies, like T-zone to shine, full face acne and smart rhinoplasty and other effects and this AI beauty technology can be used in portrait modes on front and rear.

Outdoor Dynamic Range Samples Comparison

Smartisan Nut 3 (left) Redmi Note 5 (right)

As the new Smartphones of 2018, the dynamic range of the 2 Smartphones made us a great surprise. The dynamics light and dark levels of both Samples had no sense of chaos in the low-end mobile. It is good, but through careful comparison of details, like the details of the clouds in the sky, the Redmi Note 5 is better than the Smartisan Nut 3.

At the groups of the pole in the center of the image, the Smartisan Nut 3 contains a different purple fringe. From this set of samples, it can also be seen that there is a difference in the light metering between both. the obvious white lightness of the Smartisan Nut 3 indicates that the ISO level is high, result in slight overexposure. The Redmi Note 5 demonstrated precise purity and metering.

Color Reproduction Samples Comparison

When the still life contrasts both color reproductions, we found a little bug of the Smartisan Nut 3 camera, and the viewfinder showed that the coke was completed, but the pieces were stuck on the edge, as shown in the jar sample. Since similar situations have also occurred in some of the other Smartphones tested by us and it can be fixed later by software.

Smartisan Nut 3 (left) Redmi Note 5 (right)

It is estimated that this bug shouldn’t last long. judging from the 2 sets of still life Samples, except for the severe deterioration of the edge caused by the overexposed & dynamic range of the Smartisan Nut 3, the color reproduction gap between the both isn’t obvious, and the slight overexposure of the Smartisan Nut 3samples can be felt through manually adjust exposure. the color saturation of Smartisan Nut 3 is lower than the Redmi Note 5, Smartisan Nut 3 in every sample cluster is slightly lighter.

The Smartisan Nut 3 features a 13MP + 13MP dual camera setup, its resolution should be higher than the 12MP + 5MP dual-camera scheme of Redmi Note 5, but through multiple sets of samples, this is not the case that Redmi Note 5 has better resolving power than Nut 3. Seen from this set of picture samples, 100% looks at the cover fonts of the books in the center area, Redmi Note 5 clearly outperforms the Smartisan Nut 3.

Smartisan Nut 3 (top) Redmi Note 5 (bottom)

The font of the sugar pack on the upper left corner and the font on the ballpoint pen on the upper right corner, the more severe edge degradation of Smartisan Nut 3 caused these details to blur and the Redmi Note 5 was still recognizable. Having a dual-camera hardware that seems to produce better resolution has not achieved the required results. we speculate that this may be because the single-pixel size of Nut 3 photosensor which is smaller than the Redmi Note 5, and the Smartisan has not yet adopted this dual-camera theme. Tune to perfection.

Night Samples Comparison With Camera Flash

Smartisan Nut 3 (left) Redmi Note 5 (right)

Photographs of lightbox signboards is a large light scene typically encountered by normal users. This type of scene is also a test of the quality of the camera. in set of samples, thanks to the difference in dynamic range and edge quality, the details of the left brick wall in the Smartisan Nut 3 sample aren’t visible at all, and the details of the upper end of the distribution box on the right aren’t as good as the Redmi Note 5.

Smartisan Nut 3 (top) Redmi Note 5 (bottom)

Both devices don’t have a telephoto lens, the 2X zoom shot in the camera app is a digital zoom image digitally cropped. From the perspective of the 2 samples, the reflection of the cup handle and body, the Smartisan Nut 3 has become a white light, and the Redmi Note 5 can still see the details of the glass. On the lemon texture in the center of the screen, Redmi Note 5 is better than Smartisan Nut 3, which is the same as the above resolving power.

Night Samples Comparison

When the light is slightly low, we previously mentioned that Smartisan Nut 3 seems to be inconsistent, but it is relatively simple to reproduce the situation. This set of samples is so clear that the image is obviously blurred and it is far from being as pure as the Redmi Note 5. The trees in the middle and lower part of the window, the highlights of the Smartisan Nut 3 samples is spilled out, the poster details on the lower right of the image, the Smartisan Nut 3 is far less than the Redmi Note 5. Hope that the subsequent Smartisan through the software update to improve the low light out of the film rate.

Smartisan Nut 3 (top) Redmi Note 5 (bottom)

Compared with the night scene, the advantages of Redmi Note 5 aren’t as obvious as in the previous session. although the brightness of the screen is indeed higher than the Smartisan Nut 3, additional details can be seen in the screen, like the leaves at the top of the screen, the Redmi Note 5 samples. Changes can be seen in more detail than the Smartisan Nut 3 samples, but by viewing the EXIF info, this time the Redmi 5 ISO is higher than the Smartisan Nut 3, and the sense of high-end smartphone remains their shortboard even today.

Thus in the sky and the edges of the screen, the Redmi Note 5 Samples can see more noise, the image purity is less than Smartisan Nut 3. Moreover, the excessively high ISO directly caused the loss of details of center glass building in the Redmi Note 5 sample, and the performance of the Smartisan Nut 3 was much better.

Food shoot is a life application scenario that is usually used by users. the quality of the film will affect the loyalty of the brand more directly by affecting the user’s mood. Therefore, We’ll see the food scene on several high-end phones.

Intelligent optimization function, but for the mid-range smartphones, chip computing power doesn’t allow these automatic optimization algorithms, so it is not possible to form in camera optimization for specific scenes instantaneously, and the user typically shoots the food scenes with poor light, so the final film the effect is a test of the overall quality of smartphone cameras.

From the angle of the above samples, the small dynamic range of the Smartisan Nut 3 results in a poor three-dimensional image and low color saturation, that makes hulled the appearance of food & the edges are seriously degraded and the resolution is poor, making the food utensils seem impenetrable. looking at the samples of the Redmi Note 5, the above-mentioned points are all impressive performances that have surpassed the level of the traditional mid-range smartphone.

Background Blur Samples Comparison

Normal mode portrait comparison, because Redmi Note 5 has one of the advantages of Xiaomi and this is AI beauty, thus in the expression of human skin color and facial detail optimization over the Smartisan Nut 3. At the same time in the conclusion of previous comparisons, the better dynamic and resolving power of Redmi Note 5 makes the image more 3-dimensional. However, the portrait photographs of the Smartisan Nut 3 has reached a decent level after many iterations of software iterative optimization, and it has surpassed the level of the standard mid-range smartphone.

From the comparison of the 2 analog hypotheses, it may be seen that at present, their blur effect cannot be demanded too much. both of them have obvious phenomena of inaccurate edge recognition, such as the head region and Redmi Note 5 in the Smartisan Nut 3 and its samples have a blurring effect on the “focal out” effect, both of which have a very heavy algorithmic taste.

At a look, it may be seen that the software algorithm is ambiguous, and it cannot be as soft and blur as a true SLR. However, for the mid-range smartphone, it cannot be said that such a blur effect has been really good, it can greatly enrich the user’s camera gameplay, and, with the update iteration of hardware and software, it can be expected that the mid-range smartphone can reach the flagship blur effect isn’t any longer out of reach. Currently, Both phones are available at online stores,  Redmi Note 5 (3GB Version)Redmi Note 5 (4GB Version), Smartisan Nut 3 .


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