Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Front Panel Photos Exposure: 6.18 inch Notch


The release of Redmi Note 5 has been nearly half a year, setting a good sales volume. According to the timeline, the new Note model is coming soon, replacing Redmi Note 5.

It is reported that the code name of the Redmi Note new phone will continue to follow the digital series, that is, the next generation is the Redmi Note 6, positioning is also a thousand yuan mid-range model. Slashleaks recently exposed a new front panel of the phone. and said that the phone is Redmi Note 6.

According to the message, the phone uses a 6.18-inch screen, Phone design, and the Design position has two openings, except for the front opening, the other opening may be the infrared face recognition module; the chin area control in general, but considering The positioning of Red Rice Note, this design is also acceptable.

This design can refer to the already released Red Rice 6 Pro, which also uses the Notch design, but there is a slight difference in the shape of the bangs, and the bangs of this new phone are slightly smaller.

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In fact, there was news that Redmi Note 6 will be released this year, using Notch design, it is said that it will launch the new 10-nanometer process processor that Qualcomm has not yet launched, speculating that it may be the long-rumored Snapdragon 638 chip.

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