Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Will Use Snapdragon 636 Processor


Today Qualcomm releases Snapdragon 636 mid-range chipset, which can be expected to use on mid-range smartphones. According to its official, Snapdragon 636 will use 14nm process, Octa core, Kryo 260 CPU, Adreno 509 GPU, compared with Snapdragon 630, the performance of CPU improves 40%. GPU performance improves 10% compared with Adreno 508.

It adopts X12 baseband, 600Mbps download rate, its ISP uses 14bit Spectra 160, up to 24MP camera. Snapdragon 636 chipset will start to sell in November in stock, its platform of package is same as Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 630, the end product will be available in Q2, 2018 as fast as possible. So which manufacturer will use Snapdragon 636 first? According to @Grass leaked, Redmi series will be first to use it, which means Xiaomi will release Redmi series flagship in the second quarter of next year, after all Snapdragon 636 is not a very low-end chipset. In addition, Snapdragon 636 can support full view screen, which means Redmi flagship, Redmi Note 6 will use 18:9 full view display.

In addition, he leaks that Snapdragon 636 is the Snapdragon 635 leaked before, just change a new name.Therefore, Snapdragon 636 will be the next hot processor used by different kinds of manufacturers. Stay tuned.

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