Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2: Hole Screen Design, Three Cameras, 4100mAh


Xiaomi has developed rapidly. Under the leadership of Lei Jun, Xiaomi mobile phone has achieved the top five in the world in just 8 years. It really develops very fast. Looking at the old predecessors one by one, Lei Jun’s heart is also a miscellaneous grain. I am sure to think about the future development of Xiaomi all day and night. Redmi mobile phone is a product of Xiaomi. It is mainly used in the low-end market and is called the national mobile phone. It is very cost-effective and is loved by deep audiences.

Nowadays, foreign media has exposed the Redmi Pro 2 mobile phone. The highlight is really big. The front side adopts a 5.99-inch “cross-hole full screen”, which is to punch holes in the screen and place a front camera, which can not only improve the screen ratio. It can also improve the beauty of the phone. The back is a vertical three-shot, a bit similar to the Huawei P20 Pro, but it is different from it, because the red rice Pro2 three shots, the first one is not framed, the latter two boxes and the Huawei P20 Pro is the first two Boxed up, the third one is not framed, this is also to distinguish it from Huawei P20 Pro.

Hardware design, Redmi Pro2 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, the processor eight-core design, CPU architecture for two Kryo460 big core, CPU architecture even more than Snapdragon 710, using 11nm process technology, GPU for Adreno612, can be said After the release of Red Rice Pro2, the performance can hang the OPPO R17. In terms of memory, it uses 64GB and 128GB capacity storage and is equipped with 4GB storage and 6GB storage.

Redmi have always been the main long-life, redmi Note5, red rice 5 Plus, and redmi 6 Pro have used 4000mAh large battery, according to the exposure of Redmi Pro 2, the battery is also very large, up to 4100mAh capacity, And support fast charging, based on Android 9.0 operating system.

In terms of camera, the Redmi Pro2 uses a 16MP front camera, and the rear is equipped with a 48MP+24MP+16MP three-camera design. Lei Jun is also on the redmi and he is also willing to work hard. Before the red rice Note5, the photo level is also very high, known as the thousand yuan. Photographing “experts”, and after the release of Redmi Pro2, I believe that it will be an expert in thousands of photo experts, especially this 48MP main camera, the camera ability must be very powerful.

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Everyone is most concerned about the price, even if the appearance is a bit ugly, the configuration is a bit low, as long as the price is cheap, many users still give praise, not to mention the appearance of the Redmi Pro 2 is also very good-looking, the configuration is not bad, the price of redmi Pro 2 is expected 400 US dollars, equivalent to about 2,758 yuan, of course, certainly a lot cheaper in the country, do you expect?

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