Xiaomi Pinecone S2 Processor Poster Microblogging Crazy Official Rumors


Xiaomi Songguo’s first self-processor Redmi S1 was officially released, starting with Xiaomi 5C. Redmi S1 is a 64-bit eight-core processor (size and core architecture, 4×A53 big core + 4×A53 small core), the highest frequency is 2.2GHz, the built-in GPU is MaliT860 MP4, 32-bit voice DSP is provided, and VoLTE is supported. The official running performance surpassed Qualcomm Xiaolong 625 and MediaTek P20.

In the past year or so, news about the new generation of Snapdragon processors has been sporadic, but there has been no clear evidence. Many Redmi have been expecting it.

There are still two days after the launch of Xiaomi Play’s new phone on December 24th. Today, a warm-up poster with the theme of “My Heart” is passed on Weibo. I asked the copy to show that Xiaomi Songguo’s new product launch conference, Snapdragon S2, Keep you waiting! See you on live on December 24th.

From the perspective of poster design, it is rough and not like the official production of Xiaomi. And for the heavyweight new products such as Snapdragon S2, Xiaomi is not likely to be published by means of live broadcast.

It is reported that the poster was sent to Weibo by the Peoples PS and was forwarded by many digital KOLs.

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It seems that Xiaomi pinecone S2 processor will not meet with you in the short term and have to wait.

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