Xiaomi Redmi S2 Review: A Smartphone With A Very Good Quality and A Low Price


Xiaomi continues to bring mobile phones to the market. If last week I was talking about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, today it’s time to introduce your little brother, the Xiaomi Redmi S2. A very basic terminal, but with the quality that characterizes Xiaomi in its entry-level smartphones. In today’s review, we talked about the Xiaomi Redmi S2, a 5.99-inch phone with the dual rear camera and a powerful lens for selfies. All accompanied by a Snapdragon 625 and Android 8.1.

Design And screen

First of all, the first thing that strikes us about this Redmi S2 is that it is not bad for an entry range. It is a kind of light version of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, but it still has a good processor and a more than acceptable RAM. Especially for the price that fits. In addition, it equips the most recent version of Android, something that we do not finish seeing in the rest of Chinese smartphones that are leaving this year. And that, as much as it hurts, is a detail that we must certainly value in favor of Xiaomi.

The Xiaomi Redmi S2 equipped with a 5.99-inch full screen its front design is very similar Mi 6X, Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Plus, the screen four corners are also rounded design, Redmi S2 LCD full screen provides by Xiaomi’s new partner (Shen Chao Optoelectronics). This is what we have never seen before in the Redmi series, Pegasus, BOE, and Foxconn. This screen has never been seen before, and it can be said that there is no problem with the viewing angle and color of this screen.

The screen resolution is 1440×720. The contrast of the screen display in the aspect of the 2160×1080 is still lacking. The top of the forehead has a 16MP front camera and the Mi Note 3, the earpiece, sensor and the soft light. Still quite regrettable that there is no resolution on 1080.

The screen edge does not use the 2.5D arc of glass, the screen, and the fuselage side there is a plastic buffer side wrapping, to a certain extent to prevent the phone from falling after causing the screen to break. The screen does not use edge 2.5D sticking steel film can prevent white edge, of course, there is 2.5D arc it can take care of the phone’s feel, so this depends on the user’s own like.

The side of the Redmi S2 is highlighted on the screen. The advantage of this is that it effectively prevents the device from adding protection to the screen when it is dropped. The side is still the key arrangement of Xiaomi’s classics.

The left side is a 2+1 card slot. The slot can accommodate two nano SIM cards and one SD card.

The SD card can be expanded up to 256G. The right side is the volume rocker and power button. The top is reserved for 3.5mm headphone jack, infrared transmitter and microphone hole, the bottom is the same as Mi 6X Symmetrical arrangement.

on the left is the traditional micro USB in the middle of the call microphone, the right external speaker.

Came to the back of the Redmi S2, its back and Mi 6X is more similar to the same arrangement, the same familiar, the U-shaped antenna on the back of the phone does not have the same Mi 6X, the Redmi S2 uses the upper and lower antennas are two lines. The prominences of the vertical dual camera in the upper left corner is not as prominent as the Xiaomi 6X. We found a rare circle of metal rings on the Redmi series Smartphones in the fingerprint of the Redmi S2.

Fingerprint appear on its metal ring is to sensor the chip better electrical connection, this can refer to the next Apple’s iPhone 6, so sure enough, the Redmi S2’s body is plastic, but it feels like Metal.

Hardware performance

Inside the Redmi 2S, we discovered a very interesting hardware. On the one hand, we found a Snapdragon 625 Octa-Core processor at 2.0GHz, accompanied by 3GB of RAM, Adreno 506 GPU and 32GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB. As the operating system the aforementioned Android Oreo. As a novelty, unlocking by facial recognition is included. A function that is becoming increasingly popular, and that we already begin to see in the latest mobile phones that are on the market.

Xiaomi Redmi S2 review specifications and opinion of this mobile with Snapdragon 625 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Android 8.0 Oreo 12MP + 5MP double rear camera and 16MP front camera 3080mAh battery, As far as performance is concerned, we are closer to a mid-range than to an entry-level one. Here Xiaomi has chosen to sacrifice a bit of quality on the screen to deliver a much more consistent mobile power and manageability. All in order to keep the price as low as possible. His result in Antutu is 70,000 points.

In terms of games, we still use “Glory to the King” and “Qing Speed” to stimulate the battlefield.

Snapdragon 625 opened a high frame rate in King’s Glory, with a walking frame rate of 45 FPS, and a fight between 27 and 30 FPS. Still can guarantee the fluency of the entire game.

“Qing Speed” here we still open the high frame rate, low image quality, the fluency of the game can still be guaranteed, just open the high frame rate and high quality when playing QQ Speed? ?when it appears at the start Slowly one shot.

This setting is still the best choice for the Redmi S2 Snapdragon 625, the overall picture can be guaranteed, while the fluency is not a problem. Therefore, opening the high frame rate + smooth quality + realistic style is the best choice.

The above performance is some feedback of Redmi S2, as the best power and performance balance processor, Snapdragon 625 good sales and feedback can know it is a good low-end mobile processor.

OS Experience

The operating system of Redmi S2 is MIUI 9.5, about its system experience is still relatively complete, while retaining the MIUI 9 full-screen gestures and display optimization, but we found that the display resolution is only 720P compared to the full 1080P, The MIUI of the mobile phone, the arrangement of the icons on the Redmi S2 is only 4X5. It seems that the overall screen of the 720P has been relatively optimized.

The Redmi S2 is equipped with the latest Android 8.1. It is relatively rare to use the latest system in Redmi phones because the Android version 8.1 is only available on the domestic version of Redmi Note 5.

However, we found a problem that the 5G-band WIFI of Redmi S2 is not available. That is to say, Redmi S2 is only supported by 2.4G WIFI. Although it is like Redmi 4 Premium, Snapdragon 625 is supports 5G. WIFI is not fully supported, but it is better than nothing if it is not supported or supported.

Camera Specs and Test Samples

The camera is increasingly important for users, and Xiaomi is trying to become a reference in this regard. His most recent mobiles demonstrate this, and this Redmi S2 follows that same path. On the one hand, we have a double rear camera of 12MP + 5MP with opening f / 2.2 and 1,400 μm manufactured by Sony. A camera with HDR, Dual flash, autofocus and AI to improve the quality of the photos.

The selfies camera, meanwhile, wears a powerful 16MP lens that can apply blurs thanks to the aforementioned artificial intelligence. One detail: the Redmi S series, takes its name from the “S” of selfies. It is clear then, that we are facing the most important feature of this mobile.

The Xiaomi Redmi S2 in sunny conditions, the resolving power of the picture is still quite good, you can see the Suning words in the distance is still clearly visible, the grid of the house glass did not smear the phenomenon.

The Redmi S2 camera was more realistic and did not make the picture very bright. The picture taken out of the phone was a little dark.

When the macro shot was taken with Redmi S2, the style was more realistic and the focus was on the leaf in the lower right corner. The entire veins of the leaves were still clearly visible.

In the case of the Redmi S2 under the 12MP main camera, the resolution of the screen was very strong. In this photo, the dense glass windows of the whole house in the Sunning Building were not smeared, and the words of Sunning’s font could be clearly seen. When the sun is going down, the whole picture is still a realistic style.


The Xiaomi Redmi S2 has all the essentials to be a quality smartphone today. This is a smartphone aimed at the low-end segment, with excellent characteristics very competent with respect to what can be found today in the market, although it is true that there were already other alternatives such as the Redmi Note 4x , this model does not It leaves us indifferent due to its large front camera, and its excellent dual camera that definitely differentiate it from other devices in its same range.

Where you can buy

The Xiaomi Redmi S2 is an excellent device designed to compete in the low-end market with an unrivaled price. The Xiaomi Redmi S2 3GB + 32GB Version currently is available at Gearbest in just $159.99.

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