Xiaomi Released A New Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck, Which Fully Driven By the Mechanical Structure


How nice is it to be able to return children with the complicity of technology? It looks that this question Xiaomi wants to respond by proposing Mitu Building Blocks. today on March 13, Xiaomi has released a new Mitu Building Blocks with a Mining Truck shape. It is different from the recently released robot Block series, because it hasn’t any master motor, and it is fully driven by the mechanical structure. it is still terribly attention-grabbing. This Mitu Building Blocks priced at 99 yuan and it’ll be sold on March 14th at Xiaomi Mall/Yepin/Tmall/Jingdong/Suning/Xiaomizhijia. Interested users may need to pay attention.

This product is totally driven by the mechanical structure. the appearance and transmission structure of the truck is restored as much as possible. the little steering wheel can be used to control the skip elevate system. The front wheel transmission of the truck can be steered freely and also the rear wheels use to control independently. At a similar time, the Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck has custom-built a differential which will be used in it to confirm that every tire will rotate independently.

Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck have high requirements on the carrying capacity of the tires. This time, the it is  equipped with six large-size tires, that restores the {appearance|the looks} of real trucks to a greater degree in appearance. The tires are made from high-tenacity plastic materials. in the process of playing, regardless of any environment, the car can be started smoothly.

The Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck is formed from 500+ high-precision building blocks and its parts are injection molded from a 0.005mm high-precision mold to ensure the fineness of the insert. In terms of safety, the material of the building blocks was made from excellent ABS plastic materials to ensure safety and non-toxicity. additionally, it passed the exclusive testing standards for toy safety, and it was safe to permit kids to build blocks.

In terms of price, the price is 99 yuan for Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck which will be represented as cost-efficient. the child is a very important member of the family, and the toy is a smart companion on the way to accompany the child. If your child is obsessed with mechanical structure, he might as well take home this toy. The Mitu Building Blocks Mining Truck will be on sale on March 14th. Interested users may wish to concentrate.

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