Xiaomi Released Mi Wu intelligent Voice Keyboard


Today, Mi Wu Technology, an enterprise of the MI ecological chain, launched a smart voice keyboard sogou input method version at a price of 299 yuan. The pre-sale price dropped 30 yuan to 269 yuan.

Its biggest feature is the built-in sogou input method, so that the keyboard can also voice input, one minute can input 400 words, equipped with active noise reduction chip and double MIC radio, the accuracy rate is up to 98%, greatly improve the work efficiency.

The keyboard is used with intelligent assistant of sogou input method, which can realize many functions such as voice command, simultaneous interpretation, screenshot and image recognition, expression bucket map, etc.

Miwu intelligent voice keyboard uses 85 key design, scissor foot key axis. The key cap is round, the corners are rounded, the thickness is 7.8mm, the bezel-less design is very compact. Supports dual mode connectivity — via Bluetooth and USB wireless receivers, and supports dual Windows and MacOS systems.

In the space bar on the right side of the “ALT” and “Ctrl”, the keyboard also joined a voice key, not only by long press the voice input text, but also with the PC software for double click voice query weather, open the form and a series of intelligent operations.

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As early as the end of 2019, Miwu released the Miwu Elite keyboard and mouse, both priced at 299 yuan, with iFlytek’s voice input built-in at that time.


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