Xiaomi Released Mijia H500 Hair Dryer at 229 yuan, $35


Xiaomi released the Mijia Water Ion hair dryer H500, the original price is 249 yuan, the initial price is 229 yuan, and Tencent Video monthly card is given as a free gift.

This hair dryer has dual water ion hair care, 20m/s wind speed, short metal body and other selling points.

As a more hydrating hair dryer, mijia water ion hair dryer H500 adopts double water ion deep hair care to make hair more supple and smooth, moist and shiny. Compared with the first generation of Mijia water ion hair dryer, the moisture degree is increased by 26.47% and the gloss is increased by 9.12%.

Its built-in condensing sheet condenses the moisture in the air, through two needle shaped motor instantaneous atomization into small negative water ions, through the independent cold air channel direct delivery hair and scalp hair root, not by high temperature loss, essence hair. Combined with ten million levels of anions, improve hair scale closure, reduce bifurcation, bid farewell to hair blasting, effectively improve hair quality.

Drawing on the principle of aircraft engine, MiHome water ion hair care blower H500 is equipped with 20,000RV DC high-speed motor and 7-wing aviation turbine type fan blade. Through the conical pressurized air duct, the wind speed can reach up to 20m/s, so that the strong air flow directly reaches the hair root, and the fast dry hair does not hurt the hair.

In terms of design, the hair dryer has an innovative structure of super short air duct, which is easy to design and easy to blow for a long time. The body adopts aluminum alloy anodic oxidation process, so that the hair dryer has more texture.

Three gears, the wind temperature, cold and hot wind switch at will, two gears, wind speed, wind free adjustment, the temperature guard will automatically memory storage, automatically open the next use.

It adopts glass bead heat sensor, accurately detecting air outlet temperature 60 times per second, adjusting air temperature in real time, preventing hair and scalp overheating damage.

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Mijia H500 has innovative cold and hot circulation air mode, with 360° freely rotating magnetic suction air nozzle, directional output of high-speed air flow, fast dry hair while meeting local styling requirements. At the same time, the double-layer heat insulation design can reduce the temperature of the nozzle and effectively heat insulation.


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