Xiaomi Riva Smartphone Spotted at Geekbench


After Chinese shopping festival, 618, Xiaomi has removed all Redmi Note 4 series, currently on Xiaomi official website, there is no Redmi Note 4 on sale, only the latest Redmi Note 4X on sale. It is worthwhile to know that besides Xiaomi official website, others like JD and Tmall official store has also removed Redmi Note 4. Does it mean Xiaomi will release new model in Redmi note series?

According to latest news, Xiaomi will release a new phone, the model is Riva, spotted at Geekbench suddenly, it is preinstalled Android7.1.2 OS, adopting Quad core 1.4GHz processor, it has got 560 points in single core, and 916 points in multi core, it looks it is an entry-level smartphone, It has RAM 3GB. In terms of specs, this Xiaomi Riva smartphone is similar to the specs of Redmi Note series, after all it uses RAM 4GB even RAM 6GB for flagship smartphones.

We need to know that the new smartphone Xiaomi Riva has very latest system, Android7.1.2, most other xiaomi smartphones use Android7.0 OS. And the new OS will also face some bug issues , we need to experience to fix together. As for Xiaomi Riva real name, will it become Xiaomi Redmi 5, or Redmi Note 5?


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  1. CrystalReinl on

    Heard that this Xiaomi Riva is the loe-end version phone, so it will not replace the Redmi Pro 2,right?

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