Xiaomi Robot Xiaodan Release: A New AI-Equipped Robot That Can Teach English Your Children Priced at $310


Today, one of the Xiaomi’s subsidiary disclosed a new robot known as Xiaodan and its priced at 1999 Yuan (about $310). With the built-in voice assistant, you can use easy commands to induce the task done. Xiaomi’s new Robot comes with a large 7-inch touchscreen, camera, microphone, speaker, and PIR sensor and this PIR (passive infrared sensor) sensor is used for motion detection. It can rotate 360-degrees with zero.1-degree accuracy.

Xiaomi Robot Xiaodan is a multi-purpose robot which may dance to the tunes or be your smart housekeeper by managing the AI-enabled electronics. The Xiaodan can also teach the kids English, mathematics, and even dance movements. Xiaomi’s new Robot Xiaodan has 100+ minutes in fact and 10000+ words to teach English. Except for teaching, the Xiaodan additionally has children specific content that features 900+ minutes of stories and 200+ games.

It can also be used for taking Quiz test, and the Xiaomi has mentioned it to possess 800+ questions. With the accompanied programming app, the users can also use create customized interactions. The users can also remotely talk with their members of the family through Xiaodan. With the voice and objection recognition technology, it can hear or see individuals in the house even from the longer distance.

The listing also mentioned it to intelligently find your location, however, we have no idea how it works. With the facial recognition technology, it remembers all the members of the family and it can clearly distinguish all of them. the company also added separate skills to form the Xiaodan interact more suitably with the children. Robot Xiaodan priced at 1999 Yuan (about $310) and is currently listed on crowdfunding website of Xiaomi.

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