Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Unveiled Powerful Function


Just now, Xiaomi has unveiled Xiaomi MIJIA Rootic Vacuum Cleaner including its package and appearance, etc. According to the exposed information, it has the function to plan the path that rare high-end vacuum cleaners have. In the package, it shows this vacuum cleaner will be very likely to be powered by laser sensor, which is used for mapping indoor maps that combined with the path planning to clean the floor more efficiently.



Now there is the news coming about Xiaomi Robotic vacuum cleaner relative information. The patent showed that Xiaomi has applied for the relative patents in April, 2015. So this item has been mysteriously developed by Xiaomi company. In terms of time, Xiaomi Robotic vacuum cleaner is the sophisticated product in Xiaomi eco line, and adding those functions unveiled, it is worthwhile to seeing it.


As is known that this kind of iRobot Vacuum Cleaner sells at least 4,000 yuan, ($600) on the market right now, according to Xiaomi product position, this Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be not very expensive, if it sells in 3,000 yuan, $500, will you consider purchasing one?

Update on July 12
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