Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Bluetooth Music Car Charger Flash Sale From $9.99 at @Gearbest (Until Feb 20TH)


Xiaomi does not get tired of innovating its products, so every day we find something new on your part. At the same time, the offers that these products have to make us love more and more this great company. Today is going to talk about an intelligent car charger that brings us this company, which is the Xiaomi Roidmi 3s. The best of all is that, as is the tradition of the great Chinese, you will be able to get it with a great offer on the page of Gearbest, and of course here we will provide all the information you need. The recently debuted ROIDMI 3S Bluetooth car charger is designed to add more comfort to your trip. It comes with a 3.4A output which renders fast charge speed for a slew of electronic devices. You can now get your hands on this highly useful car charger by shelling out just $14.99 on GearBest. Gearbest is offering a considerable 24% discount on the device’s original asking price of $19.99 for a limited period of time, but that’s not all. First 20 units of the ROIDMI 3S car charger will be sold for just $9.99 daily at 9:00 UTC.

The Xiaomi Roidmi 3S is an ideal travel charger since it can be installed in our vehicle, which achieves acquire a unique quality. This charger has 2 USB ports, so you can charge up to 2 devices at the same time. In the case of using both ports, you will access a charging speed of 2.4A and if you use one, you will reach a charging speed of 2.4A. 3.8A.

The Xiaomi Roidmi 3S can be synchronized with our Smartphones through the Roidmi application, which is available in the Google Play store and the Apple Store, making it compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. When being synchronized we will access new functions, one of these is to change the color of the LED that indicates when it is charging our device, we can choose between 3 colors, red, green and blue, but without doubt the most relevant option of all is the reproduction of music, of which we will talk later.

The Xiaomi Roidmi 3S to be synchronized with our Smartphone, will allow us to unlock the option of music player, with which we can play all the songs of our terminal in this charger, a simply incredible option that positions this device as a 2 in 1 product , although we must clarify that not everything is honey on flakes, since when the volume is maximized the sound is distorted, in other words, we should use it as at 80% of volume so that it is not affected.

At the time of going on a trip and going wherever we want, we will always have this charger that is installed very easily in our car, so we can comfortably carry up to 2 devices at the same time. The best thing of all is that it offers us the option of playing the music that we have in our terminal, although with a slight detail if we raise the volume to the maximum. This charger is emerging as the third in this line of products, achieving a clear evolution compared to its predecessor, becoming a pretty successful option.

Currently, the Xiaomi Roidmi 3S is available at Gearbest with an incredible discount of 24%, the original asking price of $19.99 for a limited period of time, but that’s not all. First 20 units of the ROIDMI 3S car charger will be sold for just $9.99 daily at 9:00 UTC. This promo is slated to end on March 19.


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