Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Car Charger & B40C A118C 96650 DVR Car Camera For Just Cheapest Price on @Lightinthebox in Flash Sale (Coupon inside)


This B40C A118C 96650 DVR Car Camera has high-definition night vision high, with motion detection, G-Sonser gravity sensor, non-stop loop recording function, compact body, totally natural. Built-in high-temperature capacitors installed realize hidden traces, beautiful and simple non-destructive characteristics and Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S is a kind of Bluetooth player. thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, through your automobile media participant, play song stored in the smartphone memory. forget about want to replicate your favorite track on flash drives, SD playing cards and CD, except you may also use the GPS feature of the transmitter.

Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Car Charger

Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Car Charger is ready with two USB ports for immediate charging of different devices so that you can play the song out of your cellular and on the equal time charge it. To take complete benefit of those advantages, you need handiest to insert the tool into the cigarette lighter of the car and make a few simple modifications. the device does now not take in lots area, however, makes your car more modern. further, so the fabric meets requirements of fireplace resistance, the thickness of the flame retardant material is 1 mm. accordingly, the device became resistant to temperatures of as much as 7500. while you’re using, Roidmi serves 2 functions ?to play tune whilst charging your smartphone. the tool has two USB ports, the total output of cutting-edge can reach to three.4A. The output voltage of an unmarried port tool reaches to 2.1A and supports a wide voltage of 12 / 24V DC, like-minded with Android, iPhone, and Pad. overlook approximately complicated and inconvenient cable connection devices. Now you may confine just with set up of Roidmi transmitter into the cigarette lighter and through the usage of the mobile APP, join your cellphone to the tool via Bluetooth. Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S vehicle Charger is now to be available on Lightinthebox at $9.99 after using Coupon Code: LITBROIDMI3S001

B40C A118C 96650 DVR Car Camera

The A118C dash camera, also known as the B40C, is an affordable dash camera produced by various lesser-known manufacturers. While you may think that lesser-known manufacturers produce lower quality, cheaper dash cameras, this is not the case for the A118C. It is an extremely discrete camera that produces great quality video both during the day and at night! The A118C sits nicely against your windshield glass rather than hanging down from a suction cup. This makes it appear just as if it was part of your car! With its 3 megapixels super-wide lens, you can record perfect 170-degree panoramic videos! The lens can also move up and down, allowing you to optimize the video you want to record. The camera records at a high definition 1080p at 30 frames per second, or at 720p at 60 frames per second. The user may also turn on/off the HDR setting and change the EV (exposure value) of the video recording to their liking. The camera also has WDR (wide dynamic range) technology, improving the video quality under high-contrast lighting conditions, making shadows not too dark and lights not too bright. The A118C also does a great job at recording audio both inside and outside of the car! Because the A118C has a 1.5″ LCD screen that relays crisp and bright footage, there is no need to shift the data onto a computer in order to view the recording. Even so, the A118C comes with a microSD slot that can accept up to a 32GB card, allowing or up to 5 hours of back-to-back footage at the highest resolution. Another one of the perks of the A118C is that it runs on a capacitor instead of a lithium battery. This eliminates the possibility of the battery degenerating and dying out, which is common in lithium batteries that have been exposed to multiple temperature changes and different conditions. All in all, the A118C is a fantastic choice for an affordable discrete dash camera that comes with many qualities that high-end dash cameras also offer! B40C A118C 96650 DVR Car Camera is now to be available on Lightinthebox at $26 after using Coupon Code: A118C02


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