Xiaomi Roidmi NEX Review – Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner at $312.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


Clearly, we all love having a completely clean house. That is why we try to have the best vacuum cleaners for your home so that you can keep it clean for a long time and without any effort. With the new Xiaomi Roidmi NEX Cordless vacuum cleaner, you can get everything you want, in a simple and easy way, and that fits you perfectly.

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The Xiaomi Roidmi NEX Cordless vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.5 kg, which means you can easily carry it around. It is excellent for cleaning carpets as well as vacuuming hard floors. An advanced system of six filters – two of which are HEPA filters – purifies up to 99% of the air travelling through it, and is designed to purify PM0.3 particles, pollen and other small particles. There is also a MAX mode, which allows you to clean more demanding surfaces for up to 10 minutes. The new Xiaomi Roidmi NEX Cordless vacuum cleaner is designed to be able to adapt to whatever you need at any given time. This vacuum cleaner has multiple brushes that will give you a great ability to adapt. You could obtain a specific cleaning according to the different surfaces of the house. It has a 270º handle that allows you to clean the lowest areas comfortably and with hardly any effort, it is very comfortable to use.

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The Xiaomi Roidmi NEX Cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a 160ml water tank placed just behind the water-resistant roller brush, so that you can sweep and mop simultaneously! Its special Air-X Dust Separation Technology increases the efficiency and avoids blocking of the floor nozzle thanks to a multi-cyclonic 6-stage system that separates air and dust in an impeccable way, keeping a strong suction for longer. The very practical LED light allows you to see the floor even in poor lighting conditions. The built-in light sensor automatically illuminates under the sofa, bed and other dark corners.

145WA and 23500Pa suction power produced by the new generation Engine-X Digital Brushless Motor; that spins up to 120,000rpm per minute, the formidable Xiaomi Roidmi NEX Cordless vacuum cleaner has the highest suction power; measured so far! The ROIDMI NEX uses a 2,500 mAh lithium battery that offers an autonomy of up to 60 minutes; to clean an area of up to 380 square meters at once. Charging the vacuum cleaner is extremely convenient; as you simply place it on the charging dock that can be easily attached to the wall. Last but not least, the ROIDMI NEX is smart, as it can be connected via Bluetooth; to the Roidmi app so that you can view its battery life, receive notifications of filter change; as well as adjust the cleaning time, among other functions.


The Xiaomi Roidmi NEX Cordless vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments and can also be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner, for example for cars or if you want to vacuum something away quickly. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $312.99 by using Coupon code: ROIDMINEXZ and ship from EU/DE/ES STOCK

Buy Xiaomi Roidmi NEX at Geekbuying


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