Xiaomi S52 Review: Mi Roborock Cleaning Robot – Inter Milan Custom Edition For Just $589.99 at Geekbuying (Coupon Inside)


Recently, RoboCock – the brand in the ecology chain of Xiaomi has introduced the Inter Milan team for their latest Roborock Sweep One. The device was first launched last year, with some significant improvements and improvements over its predecessor, the Mi Robot Vacuum. Xiaomi S52 Mi Roborock Cleaning Robot – Inter Milan Custom Edition is a product based on the collaboration between Roborock and the Inter Milan football club. This new version will come with some fine-tuning in the design but still re-features the device. It will have Inter Milan logo and Black, the integrated voice of the players in this team. Now available for Purchase in Geekbuying.


The Roborock Sweep One features a traditional circular design, equipped with a laser distance meter located in the center. It also comes with a number of smart sensors that allow the robots to dodge obstacles, choose the best route to scan, or find a charging location easily. In addition, the Roborock Sweep One also comes with powerful engine system, which can generate up to 2000 Pa, compared to 1800 Pa on the previous model. In addition, the machine also has a pretty large brush located on the side.

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One of the most innovative improvements on the Roborock Sweep One is the wet wiping support. It has a small built-in water tank so that the robot can clean the wet floor and remove dirt better. This water chamber can provide maximum water volume for 45 to 60 minutes operation. In addition, Sweep One also has a battery capacity of 5200mAh, for up to 2.5 hours of continuous operation, equivalent to a room with an area of about 250m2. Not only that, when connected to the Mi application, this robot can also plan its own home cleaning and users can specify the area of the house to be cleaned.

In case of sweeping through the carpet, Roborock Sweep One can increase the capacity to vacuum dust. The LDS sensor on the device is also upgraded so that robots can vacuum the room better and plan a scan. The application for the Roborock Sweep One is also updated with some features such as scan only, scanning at the request of the user.


In addition, Xiaomi S52 Mi Roborock Cleaning Robot – Inter Milan Custom Edition supports the function of cleaning a specific surface and, consequently, we can indicate to him the area to be cleaned. Using the application on the phone, we draw a route on the screen, and he, as befits a smart device, cleans the area. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $589.99 after using coupon code: UFSZHJKM, Duty-free by EU/HKEU Priority Line!


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