Xiaomi SIM Card and Memory Card Combined Leaked


Xiaomi exposed a patent on a memory card. The patent shows that this memory card also has a SIM card function.

As shown in the figure, the front of this memory card is a memory card form, and the back is a SIM card form. A card has both communication and storage functions.

At the end of last year, Ziguang Guowei cooperated with China Unicom to create a 5G super SIM card. Compared with ordinary SIM cards, it has a maximum storage capacity of 128GB, supports data backup and recovery, and has financial-grade security.

It is reported that the super SIM card adds SIM contacts on the basis of the memory card form. It is a new type of SIM card that supports both communication functions and mass storage functions. Meet the dual needs of users with dual cards and dual standby and increased storage.

At present, the combination of memory cards and SIM cards may be the development trend of SIM cards and memory cards in the future.

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It is unclear whether Xiaomi will apply patents to the consumer sector, which is worth looking forward to.

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