Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro Review: Cat Eye, Doorbell


Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro, as the flagship product, has more improvements in functions and performance. It has built-in MJSC and MFi dual security chips and is certified by Mijia and Apple Homekit, which means that it not only supports multiple unlocking methods including keys, fingerprints, passwords, remote passwords, Bluetooth, NFC, and even allows smart home linkage scenarios to span Out of the Xiaomi ecology, enter the Apple family.

In terms of security, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro is still not worrying. It uses a straight-in C-level lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is inserted into the lock body for better concealment. Even if the panel is damaged, the door cannot be opened directly through the lock cylinder hole.

The most important thing is the price. The current combined price of smart door lock + camera + cat’s eye doorbell is generally more than 2,000 yuan in the market, and the Xiaomi smart door lock Pro, which integrates the three, can be obtained at only 1,599 yuan, continuing Xiaomi The consistent catfish-style strategy of stirring the market has its own cost-effective aura. Fast Technology has installed this door lock recently. The following is our detailed evaluation experience.


The internal and external panels of the Mi Smart Door Lock Pro adopt a darker one-piece black color scheme, which is simple and deep, but it is also relatively easy to stain fingerprints, and the body feels like an alloy material.

The handle of the door lock has been frosted, and the fingerprint recognition module is embedded. The size is similar to that of the fingerprint module on the mobile phone. When the door handle is held, the fingerprint module can be unlocked by pressing the fingerprint module naturally.

The emergency keychain is set in the lower part of the panel, and the emergency key can be inserted by opening the dust cover.

Mi Smart Door Lock Pro comes standard with 2 keys by default, foldable, and a lanyard reserved at the tail. Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro comes with a camera and doorbell button. The battery compartment of the Mi Smart Door Lock Pro is placed behind the indoor panel, just install 4 AA batteries.

Among the batteries of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro, there is still a 5000 mAh lithium battery, which only supplies power for the camera. It should be noted that this lithium battery is not disposable, it can be removed and charged after the power is exhausted.

Cat-eye button and anti-lock button in the house

Mi Smart Door Lock Pro is equipped with 4 square tongues and 2 diagonal tongues. Among them, the square tongue does not contain spring components and cannot automatically pop out, and at the same time, it will not retract due to external forces. It can only be realized through the action of the switch lock, and the safety factor is quite high.

Installation and user experience

Before installing the door lock, the after-sales personnel will understand the thickness of the door in the user’s home, the length and width of the sidebars, and other information. After receiving the goods, confirm the installation time and make an appointment directly by telephone. Please install the master onsite to install, without any advance preparation.

During the installation process, the master wears masks, work clothes, and shoe covers prepared by himself, and the installation tools are spread into the blanket or tool bag.

After the door lock is installed, the installer will teach on-site how to bind the door lock through the Mijia APP, how to perform some basic operations, and finally debug and test to confirm that the door lock is installed without problems before leaving.

It is worth mentioning that there have always been some friends with strong hands-on ability who want to install door locks by themselves. We do not recommend this. First of all, there is no additional price increase for the official service, and secondly, because of the door frame, the installation of the door lock requires a second cut.

This professional equipment is not a common household tool, and the installation of the door lock has very strict requirements on the size of the lock body. A slight deviation may cause the door lock to not close tightly or tightly. It is recommended to use it as much as possible. Official installation service.

In addition, Xiaomi Mijia has established more than 500 service outlets in more than 300 cities across the country, with more than 7,000 service personnel, covering users in most parts of the country. It can be basically inferred that at least first-tier, second-tier, or even third-tier cities do not have to worry about Xiaomi The installation problem of the door lock.


Like other smart devices owned by Xiaomi, the Mi Smart Door Lock Pro can also be used with the Mijia APP. Turn on the positioning and Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and the Mijia APP will automatically scan for new devices, and then follow the instructions to bind.

In the Mijia APP, you can set and adjust the remote unlocking of Xiaomi’s automatic smart door lock, add users (password, NFC, fingerprint), and other options, and you can also view the door lock dynamics.

It is worth mentioning that through the user management of the Mijia APP, fingerprints of the left and right hands can also be entered separately.

From Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro to Xiaomi’s first door lock with a high-definition camera, besides the camera, light sensor, and human sensor, there is an infrared night vision fill light on the right side of the doorbell, which can take pictures during the day or night. To the face.

The camera has 1080P resolution, 161° wide-angle, and vertical imaging. This design mainly considers as much as possible to allow users to see all outsiders from head to toe at once. When someone stays outside the door for too long, the camera will be automatically awakened by the human sensor and start recording.

Face tagging and management functions require cloud storage membership

In order to save power, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro currently does not support the initiative to initiate video functions. Except for someone staying for a long time that will wake up the video function, when someone presses the doorbell outside, the Mijia App will push a “live broadcast” prompt, and you can click to check the situation outside the door on your phone.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro can also be linked to Xiaomi’s touch screen speakers in the future. In addition to viewing the cat’s eye content on the phone, you can also check the situation on the Xiaoai touch screen speakers, as well as record and remote dialogue.

The video recorded by Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro can be viewed on the APP at any time for free within three days. Since cloud storage space also consumes server costs, you need to purchase cloud services on the APP side if you want to save and view more days.

Mi Smart Door Lock Pro provides 7 unlocking methods including fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, temporary password unlocking, mechanical key unlocking, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, HomeKit unlocking, and NFC unlocking, which basically covers all user groups and takes into account various scenarios.

Most people use fingerprint unlocking the most in daily use. According to actual measurement, the integrated 3D semiconductor fingerprint module of Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro shows a relatively high unlocking speed and recognition rate. As long as it is not the elderly or children with no obvious fingerprints, It opens in seconds as soon as the finger touches it, unlocking a smartphone that is not inferior to daily use.

Password unlocking is also a commonly used method of unlocking. It is suitable for fingerprint unlocking that is not smooth (for example, the finger has stains that are difficult to clean). At this time, touch the digital touch area and enter the number to unlock. It is worth mentioning that the Mijia App can also set a one-time temporary password or periodic password for guests or housekeeping staff.

At present, the devices that can achieve NFC unlocking in Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro are still relatively limited, and I believe this is also based on security considerations. Only the Mi Band 3/4/5 NFC version, Mi 10 series, Redmi K30 series, Xiaomi watches with the Android system, and Aqara smart door lock NFC card, etc., will be connected to other devices in the future.

It is worth mentioning that Apple devices that escape from Xiaomi’s ecology can link to Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro. iPhone mobile phones can authorize Apple Homekit through the Mijia APP to directly call out voice commands such as “Hi Siri, open the door lock” to achieve voice unlocking operations.

It’s worth noting that Xiaomi’s automatic smart door lock supports setting any fingerprint of the finger as a duress fingerprint. Once a dangerous situation is encountered, the finger corresponding to the duress fingerprint can be used to unlock the lock. When the Bluetooth gateway is configured, the Mi can be triggered. Home App makes calls to preset emergency contacts.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro can be linked with the Xiaomi loT of smart home products at home. You can set the Mijia ceiling lamp + Mijia smart curtain to automatically start after opening the door lock and going home; after leaving home, the door lock action triggers the light to close and the curtain, Turn on the smart camera…

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As we said in the preface when we see that most of the smart door locks of the Xiaomi brand and the Mijia brand can make beautiful sales in a short period of time, we often think about the reasons behind it: what makes Xiaomi and Mi Home hits the user’s pain point time and time again.

Judging from the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro this time, Xiaomi’s main focus is still the explosive route-both high quality and cost-effective.

For this reason, in terms of appearance, Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro chooses the most reliable, mature, and satisfactory solution, which meets the price requirements and does not make mistakes. It is not too much to spend a lot of effort on convenience, safety, interactive experience, etc., even to bring surprises to consumers through some innovations, while also setting an example for the market.

The first is of excellent quality. In addition to the rich scene intelligent linkage, Mi Smart Door Lock Pro also supports fingerprint, password, Mi mobile phone/band NFC, temporary password, mobile phone Bluetooth, emergency key, and other unlocking methods. It also has C-level Smart lock cores and security in-line core solutions, these basic investment in door lock products are the core of making Xiaomi Mijia smart door locks more popular in the market.

For a product to withstand the long-term test of the market, quality alone is not enough. A strong service system is key. In terms of after-sales service of Xiaomi Mijia door locks, Xiaomi Mijia has set up more than 500 service outlets and more than 7,000 service personnel in more than 300 cities across the country, covering users in most parts of the country, and I live in a new first-tier city. Looking at it, I have realized the worry and effort of just receiving the goods and then making an appointment by phone and waiting for the door.

It is particularly important that the combined price of a smart door lock + camera + cat’s eye doorbell on the market will cost at least 2,000 yuan or more, while the Xiaomi smart door lock Pro will be offered at 1599 yuan.

And after actual experience test, 1080P resolution camera plus infrared night vision fill light can protect the safety of the home no matter it is day or night. The complete software package of the Mijia App can store the collected video images in a timely and convenient manner for viewing. In general, Xiaomi never disappoints in terms of cost performance.


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