Xiaomi Smart Electric Bed officially Released: Sleep, Read, and Play on One Bed


Remember the Xiaomi ecological chain electric bed that was previously exposed? Today, Xiaomi Youpin has been launched. Xiaomi Smart Electric Bed will officially launch crowdfunding on December 3, starting at 1999 yuan.

The full name of this product is “8HMilan Smart Electric Bed”, produced by Chengdu Fun Sleep Technology Co., Ltd., a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise. There are a total of 10 models on the shelves, 1.5 models of 1.5 meters and 1.8 meters of 5 models each, which are 1 non-electric version, 2 smart electric bed frames, 2 smart electric bed sets. If you purchase an electric bed frame + mattress separately, you can upgrade the bed in your home to a smart electric bed or directly use it as an electric tatami.

Lie on the bed, just press the buttons or voice control, the electric bed can be slowly lifted to the angle you want, you can experience high-quality sleep at night, relax and entertain during the day. Sleep, read TV, games, all in one bed.

The electric bed is equipped with high-equipped dual motors, which can be controlled in the back legs and can be lifted independently, unlocking more modes that a single motor cannot reach. 0-60 ° adjustable on the back, 0-30 ° adjustable on the legs, no gear limit, any angle can be adjusted at will.

It provides five modes by default, one key lift: flat mode, anti-snoring mode, reading mode, TV mode, zero gravity mode. The electric bed can be adjusted with wireless remote control. Press and hold to lift it up and down to restore the bed. Connect to Mijia APP and reach your favorite angle with one click. Xiao Ai’s voice control, simple interaction.

The electric bed frame is composed of high-strength glass fiber and alloy steel frame. High-strength glass fiber has excellent fatigue resistance and tensile properties. A single can support 75kg, and the whole bed can support 1000kg. The platoon skeleton has five partitions for the human body’s gravity, which can be more strong and support and can be stable for ten years.

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The surface of the Xiaomi Smart Electric Bed is fully covered with eighth-generation Litchi technology. This is a new type of environmentally friendly technology fabric, with a texture that is comparable to leather, with a delicate litchi pattern and leather-like luster. It also has properties beyond leather, unlike leather stocks, which can withstand 20,000 friction tests. It is not afraid of scratching in daily use, so you don’t need to be careful. The new matte coating on the surface is not easy to produce the sound of leather friction.

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