Xiaomi Smart Power Strip & Xiaomi Car Charger Flash Sale Brings Both At Attractive Price


Xiaomi Smart Power Strip is yet another product from the one of the most trusted tech brands. The power strip comes with five-hole socket. Since the power strip is not used just by adults but also by children, it comes equipped with overload protection that protects it against hazard that can result from short-circuit.

The socket is made in an international manner so that it can be used in different countries. So, customers across the world can purchase it and take advantage of the flash sale. Xiaomi has tested the quality of the device by performing plugging and unplugging 5000 times on it. It can withstand 750-degree high temperature. The anti-skid design at its bottom makes sure that does not slip off from the surface of the tablet.

The intelligent electrical power adapter is priced at $18.19. However, through the ongoing flash sale, it can be purchased for as low as $13.99. It is only available in white color.

Xiaomi Car Charger equipped with fast charging technology is also another gadget from the popular Chinese firm that is available on flash sale at Light in the box. It has a miniature design that has been made after 18 technological processes. With this amazing charger, users can charge their smartphones or any other mobile devices on the go. With dual-USB ports onboard, users can charge two devices simultaneously. It offers a maximum power output of 5V / 3.6A.

It is smart enough to adjust power output according to the different types of devices such as tablets, smartphones, MacBooks, digital cameras and even handheld gaming consoles. It features a high-quality circuit control chip that protects it from overcurrent, short-circuit, overvoltage, anti-electromagnetic interference and over-temperature. It offers a power conversion rate of 95 percent. It is regularly selling for $34.99. On flash sale, its price has been reduced to $9.99.


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