Xiaomi Smartfrog Electric Air Clothes Dryer Review: Hanger Heater Machine Shoe Dryer

Xiaomi over the years has released so many amazing devices and has not fail there teeming fans, in release=ing more every blessed day. Xiaomi does not only manufacture the newest mobile phones, gadgets of which are trending but the company also take consideration on creating smart home product. Every time they release their newest innovations, much to our surprise some of their products are unusual with extraordinary designs but of good quality and very helpful. Today, we bring you the Xiaomi Smartfrog electric air clothes dryer

Buy Xiaomi Smartfrog Electric Air Clothes Dryer at $29.49


As peculiar as the name sounds its design is also unique, it may look like a chubby hanger that has a button in the middle but this actually a clothes dryer that is portable enough to bring anywhere with you especially for your travels. The Xiaomi Smartfrog Electric Clothes Dryer has one-button manipulation to switch mode from hot and cold. The air inlet is designed to be waterproof to be durable and has two retractable tube hangers to dry shoe rack. Since it’s foldable, it comes with a storage bag which saves up space and protects the product from dust and other impurities. You can check out this amazing product.


This product supports 3 hours quick drying and 3 heavy protections. It is designed to be foldable and portable so it will fit small spaces. The 3 hours quick drying has two options, its hot and cold and cold which can be switched. It means you can set up the mode from Red Light/Hot Light mode temperature 50-60 degrees and after 3 hours automatically switch to Blue Light/Cold Air mode. Don’t worry,  the switching of air will not harm your clothing. It has PTC ceramic heating and high thermal efficiency keeps clothes dry evenly and efficiently. It also supports triple protection: microcomputer control, anti-overheating system, high-temperature flame retardant material ensures safer to use and no harming of clothes while drying.  It takes up to 3 kg maximum load of clothes bearing for this product.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Smartfrog 150W 220V Electric Airer Clothes Dryer

The Xiaomi Smartfrog 150W 220V Electric Airer Clothes Dryer is currently available on Banggood for $29.49

Buy Xiaomi Smartfrog Electric Air Clothes Dryer at $29.49

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