Xiaomi Smartmi 1S Smart Heater Now Offer at the Price of $113.99


n the current situation of climate change, which is increasingly complicated, winter is expected to last longer with lower and lower temperatures. With the negative effects of the weather, the Xiaomi Smartmi 1S smart heater (Connect Mi Home App) will be the perfect choice for a warm winter, protecting the health of the whole family.

Currently, it is on offer on Cafago for $113.99 (73% OFF) with free shipping from Germany Warehouse.

Attractive and compact

The Xiaomi Smartmi 1S smart heater is designed in the form of a thin rectangular box with dimensions of 68.00 x 20.00 x 44.00cm, the entire body is made of pure galvanized steel material, sprayed with white electrostatic paint to prevent stains. , anti-scratch, combined with an LED display of parameters to create a luxurious and modern feeling. The machine corners are also meticulously rounded by CNC cutting technology.

The heater is compact, delicately slim, can be easily arranged in any space in the house with two sturdy non-slip feet, can keep the machine well balanced on many different surfaces.

Maintaining the set temperature

Each person has their own preferred temperature, with Smartmi 1S you can adjust the temperature in the room from 16 to 28 ° C with high precision. Two internal temperature sensors together with an intelligent thermostat will automatically regulate the heating output when the room has reached the pre-set temperature.

Natural hot air
No internal fans. Indoor convection heating promotes more efficient air circulation for even more comfortable heating. Fanless internal construction ensures quiet operation and eliminates noticeable airflow, further reducing the effect on humidity levels.
High-efficiency aluminum-coated grooved construction

A newly upgraded construction using 72 aluminum heating plates transfers and distributes heat up to an area of ​​up to 46m2. 2200W power means that the room heats up quickly.

IPX4 protection against water

Xiaomi Smartmi 1S Smart Heater provides IPX4 water protection. A closed internal construction and unique water drainage provide thorough protection. Heat spreader plates are kept safely away from the power source, which provides additional safety for the radiator’s electrical circuit.
A large touchscreen provides even more control

A clean, black touchscreen makes it easy to adjust temperature and preset times, while 3 different light modes make the screen clear both day and night. The touchscreen interface and heating components are kept completely separate, so the oven is easy to operate without burning your hand.

Automatic shutdown if the device overheats or is accidentally dropped

The oven has an automatic switch-off both in case of tipping over and/or overheating, this makes the oven a safe choice. Automatically cuts power in case of accident or if the internal temperature exceeds the specified safety limit, this ensures worry-free operation.

The unit’s compact design offers a wider range of applications and placement options while being easy to store. It weighs just 6 kg, so everyone in the house can move it as they wish.

Remote control and scheduled startup

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Heater 1S Heater can be connected to the “MiHome / Xiaomi Home” app. Set a scheduled start time so it’s warm when you get home from work and enjoy comfort when you get home. Control the temperature or turn the device on or off from anywhere in the world.

Where i can buy

The Xiaomi Smartmi 1S Electric Heater is currently on offer on Cafago.com. You can buy it for just $113.99 (73% OFF) with free shipping from Germany Warehouse. Mind you that there are only a few of them left in stock right now.

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