Xiaomi Super Cup Most Ideal Specs Leaked: For Just $285.89


Recently, the rumors about Xiaomi Super Cup has been constant, it can be said that Xiaomi launched the super cup has no suspense. There has also been a lot of exposure for the configuration of Xiaomi oversized cups, with bloggers listing the ideal configuration of Xiaomi’s oversized cups.

On July 18th, the digital blogger’s digital chat station listed the ideal configuration of Xiaomi’s new flagship, while netizens said: The most important thing is the price of 1999.

The blogger pointed out that many of the machine friends want the millet super cup configuration is 2K and 120Hz high brush screen, The Snapdragon 865 s 5000mAh big battery, 100W wired and 40W wireless, the rear oversized super-far lens, lens module can not be raised, thickness 8mm, weight not more than 190g.

In this regard, there are netizens in the comments said, “less the most important one: price 1999; The blogger replied, “In accordance with this kind of thinking, it has already failed.”

There are even netizens listed a stronger configuration, 4k s 144hz AMOLED, lift the camera, IP68,885-10000mAh-120w-65w, rear full-frame plus telescopic lens, the best weight of 150g, the best price of 1999.

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According to the current information, Xiaomi Super Cup is expected to use a 120Hz AMOLED screen, will use the dragon 865 flagship platform, may also be equipped with a high-frequency version of the Dragon 865. Of course, the Mili 10 Super Cup will run the MIUI 12 system. This is the first system to pass the Android Enhanced Privacy Test in Rhine-T?V, Germany.


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