Xiaomi Tested MIUI 13: Features are More Than Better


Recently, a digital blogger broke the news that the new Xiaomi MIUI 13 system is being tested and that the mobile phones of the past two years can basically be upgraded.

It is reported that MIUI 13 was first developed when MIUI 12 was released. At that time, Xiaomi launched research on the functional design of MIUI 13, claiming to be updated and perfect and never stop. But after that, Xiaomi also released the MIUI 12.5 major version.

Motorola releases Defy 2021

Today, Motorola officially released the Mote Defy 2021 mobile phone in Europe. The new machine is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 chip, built-in 5000mAh battery, supports 20W charging, uses 6.5-inch 720p LCD waterdrop screen, rear 48MP+2MP dual camera, front 8MP lens, and runs Moto UX based on Android 11.

It is reported that Defy is an important contributor to bringing the three defenses into the mobile phone, and this new phone supports IP68 waterproof, passed the military three defense certification, is 10.9mm thick, weighs 232g, and the 4+64GB version is priced at 325 euros (about 2499.25 yuan). RMB).

Recently, Xiaomi’s product director and MIUI experience chief, Xiao Fan, posted a message in the Xiaomi community in response to user’s mobile phone fever feedback, saying that it has formulated corresponding optimization strategies, redesigned the game scene, and introduced intelligent frame stabilization technology; for some non-games For the scene, the “balanced mode” is being designed and developed, which can intelligently switch the resolution and refresh rate according to different applications to reduce abnormal heating.

In addition, Xiaofan said that the game frame stabilization technology has been introduced to most mobile phones on the 888 platforms; the balanced mode and performance mode of Xiaomi mobile phones have been in the internal testing stage, and the average user defaults to the balanced mode and the power saving are basically smooth. Audiophile users can Choose the performance mode by themselves (it is expected to go online in August).

Apple lowers the price of AC+ service for M1 Mac products

With the successive release of M1-based Mac products, Apple’s intention to use its own Arm chips instead of Intel processors have become more apparent. Just today, Apple has adjusted the price of some AppleCare+, mainly to reduce the service price of M1 products.

Take the price provided by the official website of China as an example. The 13-inch MacBook Pro AC+ based on the M1 chip costs 1648 yuan; the price of the 13-inch MacBook Pro AC+ based on the Intel processor is still 1749 yuan.

At the same time, the price of MacBook Air’s AC+ service was adjusted to 1,248 yuan. However, Apple no longer sells MacBook Air based on Intel processors, so there is no separate introduction. (Source: NeochaEDGE)

2021 Apple’s overseas “back to school season” begins

Apple today launched a “Back to School” promotion in the United States and Canada. When you purchase MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, new 24-inch iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, and new iPad Pro and iPad Ai, you can get AirPods (2 Generation) wireless headset.

At present, if customers add $40 to the checkout, they can also upgrade the complimentary AirPods to a wireless charging version, or add $90 to upgrade to AirPods Pro. In addition, eligible students and faculty members can also receive a 20% discount on AppleCare+ services. (Source: Sina Technology)

Cook: The number of Android malware is about 47 times that of iOS

According to foreign media reports, Apple CEO Cook gave a virtual interview at the conference. When talking about iOS and Android, he said that the number of malware on Android is about 47 times that of iOS. In addition, Cook also said that Apple iOS has only one “App Store”, and all applications must be strictly reviewed by Apple before entering the store, while Android can have multiple application stores.

In addition, in this virtual interview, Cook also talked about his interest in artificial intelligence and augmented reality, suggesting that Apple may plan to launch its AR device within a year or two, and it is likely to be the AR glasses that have attracted much attention recently.

Android may usher in a “find” network similar to Apple

Recently, some foreign media have decoded some strings in the latest Google Play service, and this version has been launched in the test channel. These strings clearly describe the “find my device network” service, “allowing your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices”.

It is reported that Google has previously launched an application called “Find My Device” for the Android system. However, the application can only locate devices that have been logged in to the user’s Google account. With “Find My Device Network”, users can help other Android users find their phones and vice versa.

Samsung joins the mutual transmission alliance

Recently, a digital blogger broke the news that it was discovered from the latest development version of Xiaomi that Samsung has joined the mutual transmission alliance.

It is reported that a mutual transmission function is a transmission tool based on the mobile point-to-point rapid transmission protocol. Its main function is to solve the problem of data transmission between smartphones of different brands. The mutual transmission function is faster than the traditional Bluetooth transmission, and the transmission is more stable. (Source: NeochaEDGE)

OPPO manual power generation patent authorized

Recently, OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. has been granted a patent for a “power-generating terminal”. This patent can use the components and structure of the existing terminal to realize the manual power generation of the electronic terminal, thereby improving the terminal’s battery life and having a higher Practicality.

The patent abstract shows that this is a kind of terminal that can generate electricity, involving the technical field of electronic equipment. The components and structures on the existing terminal can be used to realize manual power generation of the electronic terminal, thereby improving the endurance time of the terminal and having higher practicability.

Xiaomi patent shows that it can be charged with ambient sound

Recently, Xiaomi published a patent for the invention of “sound charging equipment, energy storage equipment and electronic equipment”, which can use the sound of the surrounding environment to charge electronic devices without requiring users to find a power socket, reducing the difficulty of charging and improving the user experience.

The patent abstract shows that the present disclosure is a sound charging device, including a sound collection device, a plurality of energy conversion devices, and a power conversion device; the sound in the environment is converted into mechanical vibration, and then the mechanical vibration is converted into alternating current, Finally, the AC power is converted into DC power to charge the electronic device to be charged. (Source: Sina Technology)

Developers flashed Win11 for Lumia

Microsoft will officially release the next-generation operating system on June 24, but with the outflow of images, some users have successfully installed new systems on PCs or virtual machines, and some have been successfully installed on tablets.

In addition, there are independent developers who will flash the new system into the Lumia series of mobile phones that have long been abandoned by Microsoft.

It is reported that Lumia 950 XL was refreshed with the new system, a Microsoft smartphone released in 2015, and it was also the last flagship phone equipped with Windows 10 Mobile.

In the past few years, a group of independent developers has been maintaining an unofficial Lumia Windows on ARM project, which is Lumia WOA. Successfully running the Windows 11 system may mean that Lumia phones that will be abandoned in the future can also be upgraded through unofficial means.

Hong Kong 4.18 million chips were robbed in transit

According to media reports, a robbery occurred in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, China on June 16. A logistics company transported high-priced chips worth about 5 million Hong Kong dollars. It is reported that someone hired a logistics company to transport 14 boxes of electronic chips to a warehouse in Tuen Mun for storage, but it was suspected that the information was leaked and was robbed by gangsters.

It is reported that the truck of the logistics company arrived at the warehouse at the time of the incident. Workers were pushing 14 boxes of goods into the elevator. Suddenly three men followed him in. When the elevator door was behind the three men immediately committed violence and snatched the goods.

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Astronauts install Wi-Fi in Tianhe core module

Yesterday afternoon, Shenzhou 12 completed an autonomous rapid rendezvous and docking with the core module of Tianhe. Astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo entered the core module one after another. This morning, the mission of the astronauts is to install Wi-Fi.

It is reported that with the continuous leaps in my country’s wireless communication and Internet of Things technology for more than 10 years, designers have continuously upgraded their previous overall design schemes and adopted brand-new information technology to give the Chinese space station “mobile Wi-Fi”, and Created a smart home living space.

In the Chinese space station, the designers have prepared a handheld terminal for each astronaut. The astronauts can adjust the cabin lighting environment, sleep mode, work mode, sports mode…Different cabin lights can be adjusted through APP according to personal needs. Regulate the astronaut’s emotions and avoid the discomfort brought about by being in a monotonous environment for a long time.

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